Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Life in the single lane: KARMA is the baddest bitch!

I'm the baddest bitch... Yours truly, Karma

I looked around my plush office and realized how far I’ve come from my days of living from hand to mouth. Life has been good. I was now the CEO of Ace Energy, a foremost Oil and Gas firm at just 28 years old. Fortune had indeed smiled on me.

I flunked on my seat… it was Parisian, custom made to my taste. I had it ordered just last week.. Life was good. It had been a long day. I had been overseeing an interview for a new Manager for Operations since the demise of hardworking Mr. Thomas. The company had suffered some irreparable loss due to his death. Most of the applicants did not suit the bill. Most of them had me question if they really went through school.
The process had been so stressful.

 I had wrapped for the day.

Buzz! My intercom went off

An applicant is here ma. The receptionist said into the phone.

Why did you let him in,  I told you I'm done interviewing anyone today.

He insisted ma.  He is being very persistent and will not leave.

I thought for a minute, it wouldn’t hurt to try this one out; all of the applicants that came hadn’t come close to my expectations. Maybe this was the person I was looking for

Ok let him wait in the conference room, Call the HR Manager I will join them shortly.

I picked up my notepad and headed for the conference room. I could not believe the sight that greeted me as I walked in.

 Imade.. the same imade that had kicked me in the shins, treated me like trash. That same imade was here seeking a job at a company I owned. I let out a low chuckle.

Karma is a bad bitch

I had been in love with this dude and he had thrown it in my face. He had told me I wasn’t good enough for him and kicked me out of his house. It had been raining that night and he knew I had nowhere to go. The girl he had been with that night had looked at me from head to toe and asked Who is she?, like I was some piece of trash. She had said ‘Imade please take care of this situation’. Me, Ada was being referred to as a ‘situation’.

Imade the love of my life shoved me out of his house. Not minding the fact that he had a girl with him, I had begged him to forgive me (for doing nothing). I had begged him to let me stay.. he had told me to leave that he was tired of me, he threatened that if I didn't leave he will release his bull dogs to attack me. Taking a glance at him I knew he meant that. He had screamed "Bitch, get the hell out" he had kicked me out of his house like dirt.

That was the same day I had my 7th abortion for him. Take care of it, he had barked. He had said that he couldn’t be bothered, that I should have taken precautions if I hadn’t an ulterior motive. He hadn’t been there to hold my hand through the painful process. I had come for him to put his arms around me but he shoved me out.

Oh! how I had cried, how I had hated myself.  I had nothing left, Pride.. Dignity...nothing

I looked around the conference room and asked my HR manager and every other person to leave both of us alone. He looked discomfited.

Wow, Can’t believe it’s you Ada, so you own Ace Energy?

Yes I do I smiled. How may I help you Imade

He went into a long narrative about how life has been unfair to him, how he was a forex professional and how the economic meltdown/breakdown in the capital market had reduced him to nothing. He needed this job badly else he’ll take to the streets. 

I perused him briefly noting that his shoes seemed to have walked many miles. Those shoes didnt belong to someone that drove to this place

He cowered under my gaze. I’m really sorry I didn’t know what I was doing then please find it your heart to forgive me.

I smiled wishing I could shove the file he was holding down his throat but Kelly Rowland's voice in Destiny's Child Survivor was playing in my head 

Thought that I will fail without you but I'm on top... Thought that I will self destruct but i'm still here

I sized him up again noting he wore a very cheap suit that he obviously got at Aswani market.

Imade darling… his face lit up with a smile.


I walked away the sound of my heels leaving its trail

Call me a bitch if you will.. but the flustered look on his face gave me the utmost satisfaction.

Love you so much Karma

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  1. Chai if it was me i will arrange some agberos to beat the hell out of him and strip him naked. Yeah i'm that vindictive

  2. nice story...the dude deserves it.

  3. Karma really is a bitch. U never know who u will need help from tomorrow! Serves him right! hiss

  4. Men! Karma is indeed a bitch! She dismissed him so easy! She wld have kept posting him, offered him the job, then fire him.

  5. This really happens in life, they want to take advantage of you and then leave u to feel heart broken

    Karma would have should more than that , gotten the security to kick him out and pour hot tea on him.....

    Selfish ... lesson for all nasty dudes.. be nice to every, for you dont know who will help you sometime sin life

    thumbs up MizV

  6. Bunch of angry girls. get a life and stop wishn for some poor dude to take ur pain out on.

  7. @anonymous 4;06 Get a life... I'm sure you've done some woman wrong and afraid that karma is about to burst your ass. u better go beg for forgiveness cos hell hath no fury than a woman scorned

  8. @ anonymous, who sounds angry... U do , no one needs a poor dude , but a rich one , not some dude that will want u to spend on him, to all men that ill treat chick.... Burn in hell,.. as for pain
    everyone feels pain in some way or the other....

    Show some luv... *wink*....

  9. Same thing i would ve done...useless men, they can be so heartless

  10. This is my life story......aint no money like oil money hehehehe! Karma is a real bitch!

  11. I totally enjoyed reading d story...karma is truly a bitch


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