Monday, 16 July 2012

Why do couples exchange wedding rings?

Beyonce rocks her 18 carat flawless diamond wedding ring from
Lorraine Schwartz valued at more than $5million

Can Beyonce and JayZ please adopt me, lol

Okay I've heard so many funny stories about the origin of wedding rings. I did a bit of research to know just why. In the course of this I discovered that there are churches that feel that the ring is immoral and instead of exchanging the immoral ring they would exchange a bottle of Coke and Fanta (this is no joke). Some other churches require that the couple exchange bibles instead of the rings.

Well back to the matter of rings- why do we exchange rings? and how did rings become a symbol of love, commitment and marriage? I might need to delve into a bit of history here

The wedding ring originated from ancient Egypt- rushes and reeds along River Nile were twisted and braided into rings. It was a symbol of eternal and immortal love. The ring is a circle that symbolised eternity, the ring has no beginning nor end like time. The Egyptians of that time will place the ring on the third finger of the left hand to symbolise immortal & eternal love. The vein on the 3rd finger is believed to be directly connected to the heart. This vein in Latin is "vena amoris" meaning the "vein of love".

But unlike the Egyptians, Roman men gave rings not as a symbol of love but as a symbol of ownership. The Roman man would claim a woman as his possession by giving her a ring.

Also men didn't wear wedding rings until much recently. Wedding rings for men became more popular during World War II when they faced lengthy seperations from their wives. Men then wore wedding rings to show that they were married and as a reminder about their wives.

Today wedding rings have evolved from braided leaves to steel, silver, gold, precious gem stones etc. Encrusted stones have come to adorn rings from diamond, to amethyst, ruby and emerald. The higher the price tag the better.

Meanwhile that's me and my boo the day he proposed
that's my engagement ring right there- yellow gold with a diamond stone

Happy birthday King of my heart


  1. thanks baby....means alot..BIG HUG..

  2. Chocolate fountain17 July 2012 at 13:24

    Awww! see u two. i need love in my life o! Can we have a close up view of the ring? let's know if the king of your heart 'splurged' or 'skimmed' on the ring

  3. big hug to you too boo!

    @chocolate fountain he definitely SPLURGED on that he is not one for half measures.

  4. lol...Congrats again dear and even if he skimmed...who cares! If it is a nice well thought out ring within budget and he is a good rested. lol

  5. Beautiful and very educative MisV,... Well done and long life and prosperity in all you do, Luvly ring U got. Go Babes... Give us some MORE oh....

  6. like what Adeola said, who cares if he splurged or skimmed

  7. I like your work Nkiru. I'm proud of you.


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