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#Throwback Thursday: Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu and Chief Obafemi Awolowo wedding photos

Lately I've been quite interested in the details of the Nigerian Civil War, of course spurred by Chinua Achebe's most controversial novel to date "There was a country". I'm currently on my 3rd Biafran book by Frederick Forsyth (wish me luck guys).

Anyways for today's #throwback we thought to bring you the wedding photos of two out of the three main players in the war that lasted for 30 months,between 6th July 1967 to 15th January 1970- check out the wedding photos of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dim Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu

Chief Obafemi Awolowo and HID Awolowo at their wedding on 26th December 1937
Ojukwu and Bianca

And just for the record Ojukwu was said to have been a playboy of some sort and women just found him difficult to resist. He was married to 3 other women prior to his last wife Bianca. He is not a polygamist as some people have claimed because he was never married to any two at the same time.

Bianca fell for his charm while she was contesting the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1989 much to the chagrin of her dad who was an old friend of Ojukwu. Ojukwu, who was 30 years older than her, was said to have wooed her with love letters, poems and flowers. Her relationship with Ojukwu cost her the crown.

Check out Ojukwu's playboy swag from back in the day

#Bad Guy P

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Life in the single lane: The Triangle

Hahaha! Can you imagine a guy doing that to you.. Eew!'

'It's so disgusting, if my man should try it i'm so dumping him warraheck'

The scene in question was a scene from the movie, 'The Dictator'. Sacha Baron Cohen's character, General Hafeez Aladeen, was licking a woman's hairy armpit.

By this time I had gotten my fill of the endless chatter. It was my first time actually going to the cinema to see a movie. My adorable nieces had gone on and on about how I needed to see Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator since I had been a huge fan of his since Borat. I had finally agreed to see the movie, but the girls sitting behind me hadn't stopped talking since the movie started making the movie painful to watch.

I turned to them. I couldn't quite make out their faces in the almost pitch black cinema, which was dimly illuminated by the screen projector. 'Hello girls, can you turn your voices down a bit? Thank you'

I heard them giggle then one of them said 'sorry'. I turned my attention back to the movie. Sacha at this time was hanging from a window his limp penis horribly covered with hair. The whole cinema erupted with laughter , myself inclusive but the girls behind me had their laughter tuned to the highest frequency.

"Damn did you see that?" they continued laughing. Then one of them nudged me from behind. "Why ain't you laughing?"

I replied, "I did laugh but I have to stop laughing so I can enjoy the rest of the movie besides I didn't think it was that funny'

"Not funny? really? that's like the funniest thing I've seen" the girl chirped and continued giggling.

We became fast friends after that. I got to know later that the 2 chirpy girls, Gbemi and Olivia were best friends. While Gbemi was vivacious, pretty and really talkative, Olivia was a much calmer person that had this quiet confidence about her. We quickly turned to movie buddies as Gbemi and Olivia would hit me up whenever a new movie was out. Because of them I fell in love with going to the cinema.

Gbemi did not hide the fact that she had eyes for me. We didn't cross the friendship line but I could see it from the tone of her voice and how flirty she got around me. Unfortunately, I found that I was attracted to Olivia. She was charming and mysterious and I was quite enthralled by her charm and intelligence but we had become such good friends that I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship. Friendship with both girls had become something truly special.

One day I finally found the guts to ask Olivia out. I had dropped by her house that evening to take her to eat pizza. Seeing as I was headed in a different direction, she asked if we weren't going to pick Gbemi from her house. To which I replied, fibbing 'she'll join us later'

We got to the pizzeria, ordered pizzas and drinks then the conversation turned serious

She shifted in her seat uncomfortably as I looked intently at her. "Timi why are you looking at me like that"

"Olivia dearie, you've become really special to me and I'm so scared that I would be boxed into the friendship zone"

I continued, resolving to be unfazed by the bemused expression on her face 'As much as I appreciate our friendship, i'll be the happiest man in the world if only you could be my woman to have, to hold and cherish for the rest of my life'.

She stopped eating and for a moment just looked at me. Then suddenly she burst out laughing. OMG! she was about to put a dent on my ego, please God I can't deal with this

'Are you serious Timi?' She said quizzically

'As serious as a heart attack beautiful..' 'I've felt this way for a very long time and I cant keep lying to myself' I said keeping my face straight

Thursday, 22 November 2012

#Throwback Thursday: Dare & Deola Art Alade

We are introducing a new series to this blog tagged #Throwback Thursday. Throwback Thursday will feature old wedding pictures of your favorite celebrities in music, film, politics, arts etc

Our feature today is ace R & B musician Dare Art Alade and his wife Deola. The couple got married on 17th February 2007 and the union is blessed with two kids. See some of their wedding photos

Amazing how a wedding that held 5 years ago still looks so modern in pictures. We wish the couple a lifetime of love, joy and happiness.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Happily ever after: Tolu Onabanjo weds Gbenga Runsewe

Love is indeed beautiful...

Tolu and Gbenga began their journey back in 2005 when they were both students and course mates at the University of Lagos. Many waters, they say, cannot quench love so even after they graduated, the relationship continued. They sealed their 7-year courtship by tying the knot in a lavish romantic ceremony witnessed by family and friends on 4th and 6th of October 2012 respectively.

The colors of the day were red and yellow and this ran through the entire wedding, from the decor to the cake to the beautiful floral center pieces, the bold wedding theme was unmistakable. Parasols lined the aisle of the reception and hung from the ceiling, creating a whimsical fairy tale scene, the type story books are made of.The bride looked like a princess in a fairy tale a-line dress before changing into a mermaid style dress with champagne gold detail, red and yellow corsage and a fascinator to match at the reception.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Trend Alert: The Engagement Ring Box Cake

Marriage proposals are my all time fave... anytime I hear that a friend is engaged I itch to hear all about the details of the proposal. Was it truly romantic or matter-of-fact? Was there tears? What about the element of surprise? Was it reminiscent of a movie scene or did the man just pose a practical question? Y'all know I'm a die-hard romantic and love all the frills of fairy tale happy endings or in this case 'beginnings'.. *wink

So when I saw this beautiful proposal idea I was overjoyed to say the least. It is definitely unique and bee-yoo-tiful and after the proposal you can actually eat it up with glasses of champagne in true celebratory fashion.

Have a look at my current favourite proposal idea.. THE ENGAGEMENT RING BOX CAKE

I totally heart this

Hello guys... *hint, hint!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Photo-op: Wedding Photos of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Left: President of the United States, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at their wedding on October 3, 1992
Right: Republican Party Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann at their wedding on March 21, 1969

 Today Barack Obama got re-elected to serve another 4 years as The President of The United States of America.

Mitt Romney, who lost the election in his concession speech said of his wife, Ann

"I also want to thank Ann, the love of my life. She would have been a wonderful first lady. She’s — she has been that and more to me and to our family and to the many people that she has touched with her compassion and her care"

 We all know Obama isn't shy to show some PDA to his wife, In his acceptance speech, he said of Michelle-

"And I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago. Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as our nation’s first lady"

Awww! both men are romantic.

Which couple rocked their wedding photo?

Choosing a honeymoon destination

Hello guys! just thought to share my YNaija feature... Enjoy

Most couples hardly realize how much energy and resources, both mental and physical they have put into planning their wedding until after the wedding is done. It is therefore important to “heave a sigh of relief” by getting away and having a relaxed time “knowing” your new spouse.

Honeymoons need not be expensive. The fact that you are still basking in the euphoria of just wedded bliss is enough reason to thoroughly have an enjoyable honeymoon experience. The most important thing is that you have a restful time with your spouse, distractions free.

There are however important details to consider when choosing a honeymoon location.

Budget- How much are you willing to splurge on your honeymoon? This will determine where you choose as your honeymoon destination. Chances are, you have spent a big chunk of your savings on the wedding, if this is the case, it is advisable to work with an imaginary scale of preference. Would you rather pay an expensive flight ticket to Maldives and pay a travel agent to book hotels or just book a local flight to Obudu Ranch. This all comes down to your budget.

A Cable Car at Obudu Mountain Ranch

How long you can go away for- Are you under paid employment or do you run your own business. How much time can you take off your job and other engagements? If you have just a few days, it is better to take a short trip- a mini moon (which by the way is getting really popular) and get back in good time. Also, you may have to consider how much time the trip will take. It is therefore important to factor in the duration of the flight in your honeymoon plans. If you have only 5 days to go away for, spending 21 hours on a flight to Brisbane, Australia is not wise. Spending too much time on your trip and dealing with the jet lag that could arise from long trips will not leave adequate time to unwind and enjoy yourself before heading back home again.

Weather - Have you checked out what the weather forecast has to say about the weather in your planned honeymoon destination? You do not want to be ‘rained in’ all through your honeymoon. If your wedding is in September and you have set up  Cape Verdean Island as your honeymoon destination you may have to reconsider (Cape Verde usually has torrential downpours between mid-august to mid- October)

 Oasis Atlantico Priamar Hotel, Island of Santiago, Cape Verde

Activities: It is also important to consider activities both of you enjoy. Is he an outdoor person and does he like adventure? Then he will very likely enjoy a mountain type honeymoon like the Obudu Ranch. Is she more of a shop-a-holic? Then she is likely to enjoy London in the summer or Dubai around January when the Dubai festival is being held. Do you both want a really private and secluded honeymoon where nature surrounds you? You may want to check out the “well kept honeymoon secret” The Gambia, also known as the “Smiling Coast of Africa”. It is a silent honeymoon destination with its beaches, luxury hotels and eco-tourism advantages. Explore endless serenity and tranquility at the Coco Ocean Resorts and Spa, Gambia.

Coco Ocean and Resorts Spa, The Gambia 

 Often times, couples have a problem because they do not enjoy the same activities. My suggestion is to write down a list of what is important to you in a honeymoon, compare notes and reach a middle ground. Fair enough, right?

Have fun – Seriously, you do not want to stress about your honeymoon. If planning it will be too much of a hassle, find a trusted travel agent that will take care of everything from flight arrangements to hotel bookings. A good travel agent will offer wonderful advice and work with your budget.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Photos from Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya's daughter Traditional Engagement


The traditional engagement between the beautiful daughter of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church Ilupeju and Olumide Ijogun held today. The bride who is a spitting image of her late mum, Pastor Bims, looked beautiful in coral and gold attire. The church blessing will hold on Saturday, 3rd November, 2012 at the Fountain of life Church Ilupeju. See the photos


And the award for the Superblogger goes to....


Lol, okay it's not really an award but I made the list of the prestigious YNaija Superblogger series. YNaija is the online platform for Y! Magazine and are the organizers of The Future Awards. So you see how much of a big deal this is, yeah!

Just wanna use this opportunity to say thank you to all my fans and critics alike. Thanks for supporting this blog. I also wish to congratulate the 22 other bloggers that made the list.. You know writing is really a lonely path but we gotta keep staying focused on our focus and encouraging each other.

See the full list and read about the Superblogger series at

It's such a beautiful way to start the month. Happy new month to y'all out there.

Plenty love..



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Our best picks from the Fall 2013 bridal collection

The Fall 2013 bridal collection has to be the best ever, I could in no way fault any dress. All the designers definitely outdid themselves this time. 

The runway was heavily characterized with lots of lace, tulle, satin and organza. Short dresses seem to be making a grand comeback this season as it was very popular on the runway. Peplum styles also seem to be very popular. Many designers also showcased dresses with sleeves which gives us a hint the the strapless craze might be slowly dying. Another popular style that seemed to be going through a slow death is the mermaid style as it was sparsely featured on the runway. The most popular styles this season are the traditional ball gowns, trumpet style dresses, sheath and a-line styles.

Take a look at my best picks ( I was definitely spoiled for choice so I can't feature all of them here)

Vera Wang

Romona Keveza

Click to see more beautiful dresses 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are married

People Magazine shelled out $300,000 for the exclusive wedding pictures

Imagine being serenaded by your husband-to-be as you walk down the aisle.. that's what Justin Timberlake did for Jessica Biel at their romantic Italian wedding ceremony last weekend.

Says Justin,
"It was an original piece I wrote specifically for the evening and for her"


When: October 19

Where: Borgo Egnazia Resort in southern Italy

What she wore: Custom petal pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown

What he wore: Tom Ford tux which the groom co-designed

Who was there: 100 guests including close family & friends, Jimmy Fallon and Beverly Mitchell

Highlight: When Justin Timberlake played the guitar and serenaded his bride-to-be as she walked down the aisle

What do you think of her dress? Hit or Miss?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Video Clip: Big proposes to Carrie in Sex and the City

Watch the romantic proposal

After all that time.. Well I guess it was worth the wait

Too romantic...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pulling off a vintage themed wedding

Vintage isn't necessarily ancient or decadent. Over time I have come to realize that vintage style is going nowhere as fashion keeps getting recycled. Sadly many brides rock in-season trends that go away with time. Imagine having to explain to your kids that at the time you got married it was cool to rock a backless wedding dress, i'm almost certain that they will look at it as tacky. Some of the most stylish women were from the 50s- Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, anyone?

Imagine incorporating their style into your wedding. The result- sheer, timeless elegance. Below, are some vintage ideas you can rock at your wedding

1. The pillbox hat - Made popular by Jackie Kennedy, this modest style is definitely back. The pillbox was popular in the 60s and right now there are many modern ways to rock the pillbox. Add a blusher veil to give it a bridal effect or have your bridesmaids rock little pillbox hats for a retro classic look.

Victoria beckham rocks a pillbox hat to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding

2. Brooches- a brooch is the best accessory to add to a dress. As simple as it seems, it has this transforming power and can dress up a simple gown. It can be pinned at the waist, sleeve,chest to create a vintage feel. Show off a small waist by cinching your waistline with a simple brooch. Have your bridesmaids wear brooches. Use a brooch bouquet in place of a flower bouquet.

Beautiful brooch bouquet courtesy

Monday, 15 October 2012

Did you miss me?

So sorry for my scanty posting lately. The issues of life have gotten the better of me this past few days, for that I apologize.

I've missed blogging and I've missed y'all most especially. Thanks for refreshing this page again and again. Love y'all...

Last Saturday was my friend's wedding.. Yay! Ada and Dipo and I was honoured to be part of the bridal train. Ada is one of the most eclectic brides I know, Not conformed to the normal wedding style you see out there. We all looked retro in our high bun and fairy tale polka dot dresses. The colors of the day were white, black and red. Have a peep at the best wedding party ever.




Beautiful girls... I tell ya!

I'm back to blogging y'all.. Expect an overload of posts.

Much lurve.. xoxo!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wedding song: Tiwa Savage feat Leo Wonder "Ife wa gbona"

(Check out Tiwa's Savage natural hair in this vid. Tres Beautiful!)

Love this Tiwa's song. Definitely trending on my wedding playlist. Leo Wonder's soulful voice def killed it.

Yes! Ife wa gbona... Our love is sizzling hot.

Photo-op: Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring

Left: The actress with her fiance Justin Theroux
Right: a close-up on the emerald cut 8 carat diamond ring

The couple got engaged in August on Justin's 41st birthday. Shortly after the proposal a spokesperson for Mr. Theroux confirmed the news with a statement-

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.

Awww! Cute. Eat your hearts out Brangelina.

Heard the couple are planning a Mexican wedding. Congrats to them

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Will you let him have that x-rated bachelor party?

Movies like "The Hangover" have given us a warped idea of  bachelor parties

So like any other wedding enthusiast I'm a frequent visitor of weddingbee

(In case you've never visited wedding bee, it is a top wedding forum where real life brides exchange ideas from wedding planning to advice. Some of the posts are funny, some even embarrassing but of course most of the posts are helpful especially if you are planning a wedding).

So on one of the boards in the forum, a bride-to-be was venting about her fiance's bachelor party. The story goes somewhat like this-

Apparently bride-to-be and fiance live together and planned their bachelor/bachelorette party on the same day. Fiance had asked her permission to use their house which she agreed to, setting her boundaries. The boundaries were that the party will not extend beyond the sitting room and there will be no strippers. Fiance agrees promising it was going to be just a fun guys hang out with booze, sports and loads of laughter. She later got to find out through one of the groomsmen's wives, who hacked into her husband's facebook account, that her husband had arranged for strippers to be at the bachelor's party.

A scene from a bachelor's party
For me this definitely is a deal breaker... WTH

Angrily, she confronted her fiance who admitted that there were strippers involved. Upon further probing, he confessed to having strippers in their bedroom, on their bed. He also admitted that he had several lap dances and one of the guys even had a 'private' session with one of the strippers. Obviously we all know it didn't end at a lap dance (my 2 cents though). Bride-to-be feels disrespected. It is only a day to her wedding and she is considering calling it off.

Question then is- I've heard guys insist on having a bachelor party and details of it are usually kept really quiet from their fiancee, the bachelor party is 'the last hoorah' before settling down to their forever-after -marriage to their wife. Would you as a woman, especially when you trust your man, agree to letting him have a bachelor's party, an x-rated one at that, because not letting him have one will make him feel deprived and make you look bad to all his friends?, or would  you let him have it then follow the "don't ask, don't tell principle". Does it bring up trust issues?


For the guys, does it really mean nothing? is it really as innocent as y'all want us to believe? Is it worth risking your marriage for?

Please share your thoughts

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Anne Hathaway's secret wedding

Anne Hathaway tied the knot last Saturday in a secret ceremony

Whom : To actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman

Where: A private estate in Big Sur, CA

What she wore: A custom made off-the-shoulder Valentino dress, floor length veil complete with a 1920s inspired headband

When: Saturday 29th September 2012

I her dress.. y'all know I have a bias for anything that is not strapless.. lol

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Anniversary Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Who would believe it's been 3 years since Khloe and Lamar jumped the broom? The two wed on September 27, 2009. Khloe happens to be my favourite Kardashian btw. Happy Anniversary to them.

Her sister, Kim Kardashian took to twitter to wish the couple a Happy Anniversary

Happy 3 year Anniversary @KhloeKardashian & @RealLamarOdom! I love you guys!!!   she tweeted

Congrats to the couple..

Teju Babyface adds "Honeymoon Consultant" to his professional repertoire

The MC, Comedian and host of popular TV show, The Teju Babyface Show, who got married last month just added 'honeymoon consultant' to his various professional descriptions.

He shared this via his facebook page:

Hallos my good people! So it was the very 1st wedding I'd be EmCeeing yesterday as a married (I kinda like to use the word "Responsible") man and guess what? It dawned on me that I'm actually now qualified to give advice to newly weds about marriage cos I've been there. Oh Yes I have! If nothing at least I can coach them on honeymoon tins. Therefore, I have added another feather to my cap of careers. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Teju Jacobs-Oyelakin aka Teju Babyface, TV Talk show host, Media Entrepreneur, MC, Comedian,.....and now Honeymoon Consultant!! Chei! Marriage is good ooooo. How una dey jare?

So contact him should you need some honeymoon advice *wink*

Side Note: Teju is obviously enjoying life as a married man

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dealing with common bridesmaids problems

Like the cast of Bridesmaids, plenty of wedding parties consist of ladies with different personalities, looks, and ages

I've seen quite a number of brides getting all 'wrinkled up' when dealing with their bridesmaids. Putting your bridal party together takes as much toll on you as planning the wedding itself. From the bridesmaids not living to your expectations to the grumpy and sensitive single bridesmaid, you have to be careful when dealing with your bridesmaids else you could get frustrated.

Hopefully you picked your bridesmaids because they are special and you want to share your special day with them, and they with you but the truth is that no matter how special they are,your bridesmaids are human beings with their own different ideas and personalities. This will most likely annoy you during the planning process. Here are a few pointers when you’re faced with a few common bridesmaid issues:

1. Someone asks to be in the wedding party

You have carefully chosen the girls that will be your bridesmaids and someone e.g. your mother-in-law tries to force a maid on you or a family member just assumes she is part of your bridal party. Be firm and gently say 'NO' It really is your day and you should be surrounding yourself with the maids that YOU choose, not the ones chosen for you.

2. You can't get a hold of a bridesmaid

So you have included your childhood friend to your bridal party. You've been friends since you were 6, went to different schools, stay in different states but throughout your childhood you both have talked about being each other's maid of honour. You gave her a call and informed her that you are getting married and she is your maid of honour and she screamed excitedly. After then you have not been able to reach her and this is totally stressing you out. Try all avenues of reaching her and if it all fails carry on with your plans- if she shows up on the wedding day fine if she doesn't fine. Decide to enjoy your wedding no matter what. There is no rule that says you must have the same number of grooms as bridesmaids. In the alternative have a back up maid of honour or bridesmaid.

3. There are complaints about expenses

Be reasonable and considerate. The dress would most likely be worn for only a few hours so it really doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Work together with your bridal party to choose a dress style within a reasonable budget. If the dress is expensive you could meet them halfway e.g you could give them shoes and accessories free or if there's enough money to take care of the bridesmaids expenses then by all means do so.

4. Someone doesn't like the dress

Explain to your bridesmaids the look you want for your wedding. Work together with them to choose a style everyone is comfortable with. Nothing worse than having grumpy and uncomfortable looking bridesmaids at your wedding. If a bridesmaid is uncomfortable it will reflect in your wedding photos.

5. They are not helpful

I've been on bridesmaiding duties at some weddings I had no business being in. Looking back now I can't even remember being helpful in anyway- prior, during and post wedding. All I did was be present at the ceremony and immediately the vows were exchanged I was off. Many brides do this and end up regretting it. A bridesmaid should be a good friend who can render help when necessary and be a part of your wedding not disconnected from it. Take care that you are not expecting too much because it really is your wedding and not theirs. If you need major help, don't expect your bridesmaid that bakes to make you a free wedding cake or one that does makeup to do a free wedding makeup for you. Get professionals to handle this. Also be specific as to what you expect your bridesmaids to help you with, be it a bachelorette party, helping with invitations, getting wedding favours etc

6. They don't seem as excited as I am

That's probably because they aren't. Nobody is. This does not mean that they are not happy for you but their lives do not have to be put on hold just because you are planning your wedding. Ditch those unreasonable expectations. Be particularly careful about the 'serial bridesmaid' who has been bridesmaids to many brides and has no ring on her finger yet. Weddings are usually a very sensitive time for single women.

7. You get a little jealous

One of your bridesmaids is trying so hard to outshine you. She complains about the dress style, if it will flatter her figure, about getting a professional makeup artist for herself, she wants perfect skin at your wedding and so hasn't missed a beauty appointment in the last 2 months. Its normal to start feeling stirrings of jealousy especially if it's a friend that normally is gorgeous. Fret not! There has never been a time in history that a bridesmaid is known to have outshone the bride. There is just something about the white dress and the wedding glow that no bridesmaid no matter how dressed to the nines she is, can beat.

8. Someone drops out

 If your bridesmaid drops out of the wedding what do you do? You should be more concerned as to why than about how your photos will look with her missing. It probably could be an issue with money, in which case you can decide to pick the tab. What if she can't afford a flight ticket or afford to throw you a party? if it's clear that she cant be there do not replace her, sacrificing your friendship because of this isn't worth it. Send her a message saying you hope she can still make it as a guest. No one will notice the uneven sides in the photo

9. Last-ditch effort

When something really bad happens or you anticipate something terrible happening you have no choice but to ask the bridesmaid in question to step down. A good friend will respect your decisions.This is never an easy decision to make.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wedding Idea: Dessert Bar

A dessert bar at your wedding has to be one of the best wedding decisions you can make.

Many times when desserts are being passed around in a plate it is left untouched. This could be frustrating to the couple who may have spent a fortune to provide desserts at the wedding. An alternative to this is to have a Desserts Bar at your wedding reception

A Desserts bar keeps the guests spoilt for choice. They get to choose from an array of desserts displayed at the bar. For example a guest may not like sweets while another does. Some may like cakes and chocolates while others may prefer apple or cherries. Some guests usually desire a break between meals. Some just want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Some guests may be under some form of medical restriction. With the wonderful selection available at the desserts table, every guest no matter their preference can indulge. A dessert bar should normally contain both healthy and not so healthy options.

It also solves both the problem of waste and choice. It is a great choice for a wedding reception party whether large or small and you cannot begin to imagine how a dessert bar can add lovely decor to your venue. What's not to like?

Incorporate the colours of your wedding into the desserts bar and watch your guests go 'wow!' at how festive your reception looks.

To have our desserts bar at your wedding please contact us at