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Bridesmaids style

I've seen many weddings where the bride is looking her best and her bridesmaids are looking tacky. Brides spend so much time planning what to wear and how to put it all together that they forget that if the bridesmaids look tacky the overall wedding look especially the photography will be an epic fail. Badly dressed bridesmaids usually take away from the bride's style thereby affecting the overall outlook of the wedding. I've heard that the more dressed down the bridesmaids are the more the bride can shine at her wedding.. I certainly do not agree.

Dressing up your bridesmaids need not cost a fortune. The most important aspect is to pay attention to the details and make sure each detail complement everything else- from the dress to bridesmaids accessories to the centerpieces everything must be in sync
Below is a list of bridesmaids pieces that will give your wedding the wow effect

Bridesmaids dress 

The most popular dress worn by bridesmaids is usually of tea party length. More brides are choosing dresses of longer length dresses.

Unless you are part of the Kardashian clan,
Don't expect your bridesmaids to splurge on  a flowing white dress 
that looks just like a wedding gown
It is not practical
Whatever your choice is you must have this in mind, if the bridesmaids are paying- is it so expensive? is it practical? can it be worn after your wedding? Your friends will be more willing to pay if the dress is practical enough to be worn after the wedding

Hair pieces

There is a variety of hair pieces to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve with your wedding. Because of the popularity of church weddings a lot of brides usually choose to deck their  bridesmaids in a fascinator or a bird cage veil. This is usually beautiful for more formal and traditional wedding ceremonies. For a more trendy look, bridesmaids can be decked in beautiful sparkly hair bands or hair pins.


See how the yellow bouquet create beautiful contrast
with the dress and complements the bride's look as well

Bridesmaids usually carry a bouquet. It is your choice to use bouquet or not but it adds to the overall beauty of the wedding. Pay particular attention to the details on the bouquet so that it can complement that of the bride and not distract from it.

Hand fans

 You may decide that your bridesmaids make like Japanese geishas and use hand fans. In a climate such as ours it is both fashionable and practical as the bridesmaids can also fan themselves so as to prevent their make up running from sweat. Hand fans come in different styles and colours. Care should be taken that the colour complements your whole wedding theme
Beautiful picture of bridesmaids using hand fans


Sparkly brooches are in this season and can transform a plain dress into a beauty. Get a couple for your bridesmaids they can either use it on the shoulder, if it is a one shoulder dress or use it to cinch the waist
See how sparkly brooches transform a plain dress

Shawls or Detachable sleeves

Before going to church
This works well for strapless dresses especially when you are getting married in a church that requires you cover up. Detachable sleeves come in beautiful lacy fabric and help in achieving two different looks for your bridesmaids. The sleeves can transform a dress into a completely different style.

After the church ceremony..
the sleeves come off

Isn't it just beautiful how they all wear exact matching shoes

Many times the least attention is paid to bridesmaids shoes.When choosing the shoe for bridesmaids choose a particular type of shoe e.g pumps or open toe shoes. It's funny when you see bridesmaids wearing different types of shoes- flats, strappy sandals, peep toe all in the same train. Another thing to note is colour. People see different shades of colour differently as what you may call a champagne colour may look like colour to somebody else.

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    yeah the shawl is out of fashion abi, becos the cover tops and everywhere....

    For the shoes , that is so true oh, we need to pay more attention to shoes my dear... MizV, well done .... *kisses*


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