Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Photo-op: Strong feminine spirit or Mere Desperation

lol... love her spirit. but where do we draw the line between riding hard for a man and being desperate?

Your thoughts?

Do share


  1. HAHAHAHA...I think she shall be eventually zoned sooner or later unless she can get him to commit with the rationale The Game gave in the post above this.

    It is a sad, strong and funny position.

  2. Yeah Zoned, never is he not your man no dulling oh..... The Violent take it by force, it is Biblical LOL

    yeah I love the spirit sister, after leading U , making U fall in love, he wants to go!!!
    to where now?

    He is Your forever E.G Romeo and Juliet..till death do part

    @ Adeola.... it is not sad oh... she is guiding and possessing her possession oh.... Stalk him if U want
    Why did he make U love him, Why play with our heart now... Abeg Abeg I no fit shout

  3. lol at by the way our anniversary is next week


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