Monday, 9 July 2012

Classic father-daughter dance song of all time

There are so many father-daughter dance songs of all time but my pick for today is I loved her first by Heartland...

Simple meaning, great lyrics, deep emotions in this song. It will have you appreciating your first love (dad) like you've never done before. Your second love (husband) will probably go green with envy but it is what it is #kanye shrug

Do listen (melody + lyrics)... Enjoy


  1. Awwww! i cried at " i prayed that she'll find you someday but its still so hard to give her away, i loved her first"

    Almost imagined my dad singing that to me. very beautiful song!

  2. Yes my Daddy loved me first, he was my No 1 man ... Be careful when U hold me.... oh.....
    yes he loved me first and held me ... husband be careful LOL

    Beautiful lyrics ..
    yes the love of a father runs really DEEP

    thanks MizV for sharing this with us

    well done

  3. My daddy is my number one man. I felt tears running in my cheeks upon listening to this song. It’s very inspirational. Someday I will marry a man like my father. This will surely inspire others who want to play beautiful acoustic music (possibly with the use of guitar picks for instance) as their means to express their emotions. Thanks for this song!

  4. Great father daughter songs list. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!


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