Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello July... Thanks for the lessons June

July is finally here...

While I have nothing spectacular to celebrate about June. I'm glad its finally come and gone. I'm thankful for lives of my family, friends and loved ones.

 It was a rude shock the afternoon of June 3rd.There had been a plane crash. The plane was suspected to be carrying my uncle and his family who had come back from America to attend a wedding. He had decided to go to church with his family that morning and left the church in Abuja straight to the airport and was expected to arrive in Lagos by 4pm. Little did I know that as I analysed the plane crash I had lost 6 of my loved ones.
that was what June greeted me with.

This of course affected the remaining part of June, I cried, I almost drove myself crazy with all the 'what ifs?' I had asked God for answers Why Lord?

The simple answer I received is that God gives and takes away

In the midst of my tears I learnt some valuable lessons
1. Life is indeed vanity

2. Life is short. No one's promised you tomorrow, today.    Do all you can while you still can.

3. That no matter what God loves us, learn to trust him

4.We should never lose hope, if all else fails hope against hope

While I believe Onyeka and his family are in a better place away from life's pains and struggles, we that are left have a duty to live the best life we can. He was very successful but not one person testified about the money in his bank account but about the different ways he had touched them, put a smile on their faces, the way he met a need, or how he wiped another's tears.

Onyeka Anyene, Maimuna and your four lil angels, Kamsiyonna, Kainetochi, Kaimarachi and Kobichime you are forever in our hearts.

So here comes July, I am filled with hope and still look forward to the future.

And to y'all.. Love while you can, let go of grudges and offence (it does no good), show an act of kindness, say a prayer for someone, meet a need, touch that life.. we really don't have that much time.

Happy new month.

This post is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the ill fated Dana plane crash of June 3, 2012


  1. It's been tough butGod will see us through, it still feels like a baddd dream

  2. Ada the fact that we are still standing can only be a miracle. God remains faithful

  3. I feel so sad for my us on earth , that dnt know our fate yet.... Life is vanity, God gives and God takes... Who are we mere mortals... May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace and my God give the families they left behind fortitude to bear the loss.. We shall met some day in Heaven

  4. Truly touching...just as u said, life is short,indeed, learnt a lesson too from dis unfortunate incident... I pray that God gives us d grace to please him while we still can


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