Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life in a single lane: Nkem

I walked out of The Palms Shopping Mall feeling so fly. I had gone to see 'The Avengers' with a couple of friends only for me to run into Nkem my ex boyfriend.

Rewind 5 years ago

Nkem and I had been an item back in school. We complemented our outfits, won many 'best couple' awards, we were quite popular. Everyone admired us. He had loved me with such pure innocence, he thought I was his everything, he thought the sun rose and set at my feet. I meant everything to him.

Until one day I had told him I was tired. I was tired of his ass always checking on me. I was tired of his doting. I had wanted some variety. I wanted someone that I could be adventurous with. With Nkem it had been either my way or nothing at all. I craved adventure, I craved craziness... I heard stories from my friends about their wild nights on the town and  here I  was, stuck, playing faithful girlfriend to Nkem while my life swiftly passed by. I was young, hot and wanted to be free.

 I wanted out.

I had walked out on him that night, telling him it wasn't his fault but mine, telling him he was too good for me and I really just wanted to live my life. He had cried and begged and grovelled and I had slammed the door shut behind me. He had heard my escapades after that day with other guys. I had left him in the lurch... embarrassed... hanging

Now 5 years, constant bouts of loneliness and 7 heartbreaks later, here he was as I walked out of the cinema. His lovely voice jolted me back from my reverie.

Hello sunshine.. It's been a tall while. I smiled sweetly as I heard that name. Sunshine that's what he used to call me back then. We hugged each other. I caught a whiff of his after shave. Nkem hadn't changed- still the same neat person. He looked so handsome and clean cut and smelt like money.

How have you been boo boo? I replied

Just as he was about to reply  I saw my cousin whom I hadn't seen since she went to study for her masters in the UK.

OMG! Amaka, you didn't tell us you were coming to naija. I ran from where I stood with Nkem to meet her.

I just came back to see my fiance's parents o! I'll be getting married in December.

Suddenly Nkem was by our side asking how we knew each other.. Hmm! my cousin Amaka.  I said

His look whimsical,  he was like for real?

I went on,  Yes I haven't seen her in ages o!

Nkem then looked from me to Amaka and then looked at me again and said-

Sunshine, meet my fiance, Amaka

I begged for God to allow the ground open. That prayer went unanswered

Life in a single lane is a new series i'm introducing to this blog showcasing the joys and struggles of being a single woman. Send your experiences to and it will get published. Fictional characters are welcome.


  1. funny enough this is the fate of many 35 year old and over single women.they used their husband as boyfriends smh!

  2. Oh lawdy! i lurve. looking forward to more juicy posts like this

  3. Very small world...stuffs lyk this really do happen.
    But seriously *Madam Anonymous* evryone of us got 2dat stage where we wanted 2explore so permit me 2say its not wrong jst dat sunshine was one of d unlucky gurls:-(
    Eyahhhhh! Well am tryin 2figure out wat I would hve done if I were in those shoes!*sweating profusely*
    Tufiakwa shaa

  4. Beautiful Piece MizV. Keep it up heartfelt to "Sunshine". we make mistakes in life and it can be so pathetic when our mistakes hunts us down. Ulasi

  5. One chance, chai *straight face*

  6. Can Somebody Just Please Say D MAIN 'POINT' Sunshine n Booboo wr not destined 4 eachoda shikena every gal hz her own man vice versa ;)

  7. lmao @ sunshine and booboo.

  8. I'm laffing out loud right now....but seriously these things haappen at least it happened to me but thank God I gave my self brain sharply o.the issue with alotta girls is they don't know when to stop the adventure.God help us oooo

  9. yeah right, wanting to be free , even some married women still want to be free oh.. asper, Marriage can be seen as a cage u know, some times *wink*... Sori Sunshine, U are too good for Nkem, U know , just not ur types...

    Love this episode

    kip it up MizV

  10. Just Though of Nkem now oh.... Lovely post


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