Monday, 30 July 2012

Photo-op: Man marries 4 women in one ceremony

Just stumbled on this hilarious piece of information. The wedding was a two day event that happened sometime in 09

The traditional Zulu ceremony

Hear the groom "There are seven days in a week and I have four wives. I will take turns visiting them and use the remaining three days to rest" lol

Mr. Mbele owns 100 cows and 250 goats and has a good job, so he is relatively wealthy, at least by traditional standards.



  1. it can only happen in the zulu

  2. 4 wives? that man is living the dream31 July 2012 at 12:02

    I guessed as much. it must be South African na. Their President Jacob Zuma married 4 women at once say last year or so

  3. well... MizV.. better make them wives than one wife and more than 3 Concubines LOL...

    Love the rings oh... was it a juju thing, how comes the women agree nah

    All are wearing wedding gown.. white for that matter, Is it allowed in Christendom

    Which church did the wedding

  4. Shuo! Na jazz? Abeg wetin e tell dem biko?


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