Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tips for a flawless face on your wedding day

An old friend former Nkem Okolotu now Mrs Etokhana
Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. While makeup may do a few tricks, there is nothing better than having a beautiful canvas (your face) for a make up artist to work with. If you have beautiful skin, you only need a few strokes of make up to have you looking perfect. Follow these tips for a flawless look for your wedding

Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise
I call them the three most important tips. Never go to bed without washing your face. Exfoliating and moisturising will make your skin soft and supple so begin this process months before your wedding. Flawless skin takes some time to achieve.

Eat right, take vitamins and supplements
It has been proven severally that fruits and vegetables are good for your skin. Drink lots of water. Take vitamins and supplements. I personally recommend Seven seas Cod liver oil, it works wonders on the skin. Eat lots of fish. Fish is high in Omega 3 which is good for the skin

Visit a Spa
It is advisable to start doing any procedure 4 - 6 months to your wedding. Procedures like glycolic peel or microdermabrasion takes a few days to heal. If you haven't been doing facials it is better to start early enough in case any form of irritation arises. No procedure should be done two weeks to the wedding.

Exercise and Sleep
Exercise and sleep keeps you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. You don't need to conceal dark circles under your eyes at your wedding. Exercise removes toxins from the body which  in turn makes for beautiful radiant skin

Choose the right foundation
Use a foundation that works well for your face. Depending on the amount of imperfections on your face you can choose sheer, medium or heavy coverage foundation. Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone else it will reflect on your wedding photography.

Have a trial session with your make up artist  
If you are using a pro makeup artist book a trial session with him or her. At this session you should try out different make up looks and choose the best look for your wedding. You can also try out foundation and concealers to know the shade to use at your wedding. Many makeup artists like to guess the shade of powder or foundation of a bride and they are not always right.

At Cakes By Mizvuitton we don't want our brides looking like Marilyn Mason or Bubu the clown on their wedding day. Follow this simple tips for a beautiful, radiant and flawless wedding look.

Photo Credit: www.ogheneworoakara.com

Makeup: Tare Fela Durotoye of House of Tara


  1. 21st century male31 July 2012 at 15:34

    It's really not easy for you women mehn! all a man has to do is put on his suit and tie and be present at his wedding

  2. Yes oh... Go MizV, what can we say we need to pretty for our men nah...... Lovely tips

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