Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wedding Trend Alert: The Boutonniere

According to the Oxford dictionary a boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud.

The boutonniere is used for formal occasions such as weddings and formal dinners. It is worn on the lapel of a jacket and is somewhat similar to lapel pins.

This year the boutonniere has become a trend to watch as grooms are no more to be out done by the brides. The boutonniere adds class and beauty to a groom's overall wedding look. It is usually worn in the wedding colours and matches the bride's bouquet and the entire floral arrangement. It is advisable that the boutonniere take at least one of the colours on the bride's bouquet so as to complement her look without being too matchy matchy.
Tom Ford wearing the boutonniere the traditional way
Photo Source: Wikipedia
The most popular flower used for a boutonniere is the carnation, though care must be taken that it does not wither. Ask your florist to make an extra one in case sweat, hugs and shoves (remember we are talking about a man here) cause it to wither. The carnation is simple, affordable and easy to find. It is also very popular because it is versatile and easy to pull off. Different flowers signify different things e.g Green carnation is sometimes associated with homosexuality. Roses are formal and are associated with love

The original boutonniere is  looped through the button hole located at the lapel. Many people are using pin up flowers but it is not a very good look. Using Pin up flowers in place of boutonnieres go against every rule in the style book. The button hole at the lapel is there for a reason.

Some tips for wearing the boutonniere at your wedding

Complement- Groom can wear a colour in the same family as the boutonniere worn by the groomsmen. This is so because the groom has to stand out. The groom and the groomsmen should wear boutonnieres that will complement both the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids corsages, brooches or bouquet. Take care that it doesn't come out too matchy. Boutonneires should also match the tie.

Wear it with confidence - there's nothing great about seeing a sloppy groom wearing a boutonniere. Wear a sharp suit, be smart, dapper and confident. Wear it as an accessory and don't let the boutonniere wear you.

Don't outdo the ladies - keep it simple. Nothing as beautiful as a single petal or a small flower. You don't want to look too feminine. Draw the line between being feminine and keeping it understated and classy.

Pay attention to proportions-  if you are small, don't wear a larger than life looking boutonniere that will dwarf you

Contrast is key - Always wear a boutonniere with a dark suit. Boutonnieres are usually colourful so make sure to wear a dark hued suit for a perfect contrast. Don't wear a pink jacket with a yellow carnation boutonniere else you could be mistaken for the wedding party clown.


  1. The Boutonniere is really a love way for a guy to shine on his wedding day, should be recommended for grooms...

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  2. i am sure wearing the doubt its classy.


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