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Choosing a honeymoon destination

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Most couples hardly realize how much energy and resources, both mental and physical they have put into planning their wedding until after the wedding is done. It is therefore important to “heave a sigh of relief” by getting away and having a relaxed time “knowing” your new spouse.

Honeymoons need not be expensive. The fact that you are still basking in the euphoria of just wedded bliss is enough reason to thoroughly have an enjoyable honeymoon experience. The most important thing is that you have a restful time with your spouse, distractions free.

There are however important details to consider when choosing a honeymoon location.

Budget- How much are you willing to splurge on your honeymoon? This will determine where you choose as your honeymoon destination. Chances are, you have spent a big chunk of your savings on the wedding, if this is the case, it is advisable to work with an imaginary scale of preference. Would you rather pay an expensive flight ticket to Maldives and pay a travel agent to book hotels or just book a local flight to Obudu Ranch. This all comes down to your budget.

A Cable Car at Obudu Mountain Ranch

How long you can go away for- Are you under paid employment or do you run your own business. How much time can you take off your job and other engagements? If you have just a few days, it is better to take a short trip- a mini moon (which by the way is getting really popular) and get back in good time. Also, you may have to consider how much time the trip will take. It is therefore important to factor in the duration of the flight in your honeymoon plans. If you have only 5 days to go away for, spending 21 hours on a flight to Brisbane, Australia is not wise. Spending too much time on your trip and dealing with the jet lag that could arise from long trips will not leave adequate time to unwind and enjoy yourself before heading back home again.

Weather - Have you checked out what the weather forecast has to say about the weather in your planned honeymoon destination? You do not want to be ‘rained in’ all through your honeymoon. If your wedding is in September and you have set up  Cape Verdean Island as your honeymoon destination you may have to reconsider (Cape Verde usually has torrential downpours between mid-august to mid- October)

 Oasis Atlantico Priamar Hotel, Island of Santiago, Cape Verde

Activities: It is also important to consider activities both of you enjoy. Is he an outdoor person and does he like adventure? Then he will very likely enjoy a mountain type honeymoon like the Obudu Ranch. Is she more of a shop-a-holic? Then she is likely to enjoy London in the summer or Dubai around January when the Dubai festival is being held. Do you both want a really private and secluded honeymoon where nature surrounds you? You may want to check out the “well kept honeymoon secret” The Gambia, also known as the “Smiling Coast of Africa”. It is a silent honeymoon destination with its beaches, luxury hotels and eco-tourism advantages. Explore endless serenity and tranquility at the Coco Ocean Resorts and Spa, Gambia.

Coco Ocean and Resorts Spa, The Gambia 

 Often times, couples have a problem because they do not enjoy the same activities. My suggestion is to write down a list of what is important to you in a honeymoon, compare notes and reach a middle ground. Fair enough, right?

Have fun – Seriously, you do not want to stress about your honeymoon. If planning it will be too much of a hassle, find a trusted travel agent that will take care of everything from flight arrangements to hotel bookings. A good travel agent will offer wonderful advice and work with your budget.

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