Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Will you let him have that x-rated bachelor party?

Movies like "The Hangover" have given us a warped idea of  bachelor parties

So like any other wedding enthusiast I'm a frequent visitor of weddingbee

(In case you've never visited wedding bee, it is a top wedding forum where real life brides exchange ideas from wedding planning to advice. Some of the posts are funny, some even embarrassing but of course most of the posts are helpful especially if you are planning a wedding).

So on one of the boards in the forum, a bride-to-be was venting about her fiance's bachelor party. The story goes somewhat like this-

Apparently bride-to-be and fiance live together and planned their bachelor/bachelorette party on the same day. Fiance had asked her permission to use their house which she agreed to, setting her boundaries. The boundaries were that the party will not extend beyond the sitting room and there will be no strippers. Fiance agrees promising it was going to be just a fun guys hang out with booze, sports and loads of laughter. She later got to find out through one of the groomsmen's wives, who hacked into her husband's facebook account, that her husband had arranged for strippers to be at the bachelor's party.

A scene from a bachelor's party
For me this definitely is a deal breaker... WTH

Angrily, she confronted her fiance who admitted that there were strippers involved. Upon further probing, he confessed to having strippers in their bedroom, on their bed. He also admitted that he had several lap dances and one of the guys even had a 'private' session with one of the strippers. Obviously we all know it didn't end at a lap dance (my 2 cents though). Bride-to-be feels disrespected. It is only a day to her wedding and she is considering calling it off.

Question then is- I've heard guys insist on having a bachelor party and details of it are usually kept really quiet from their fiancee, the bachelor party is 'the last hoorah' before settling down to their forever-after -marriage to their wife. Would you as a woman, especially when you trust your man, agree to letting him have a bachelor's party, an x-rated one at that, because not letting him have one will make him feel deprived and make you look bad to all his friends?, or would  you let him have it then follow the "don't ask, don't tell principle". Does it bring up trust issues?


For the guys, does it really mean nothing? is it really as innocent as y'all want us to believe? Is it worth risking your marriage for?

Please share your thoughts


  1. I'm glad i'm the first to comment and i am a guy.. Truth is guys usually don't overthink things like ladies do. He probably meant no harm and was just having fun. some male friends could be really persistent too so they probably set him up for it. Bringing the strippers into their home was disrespectful though. Wish they had gone to a strip club

  2. So you are saying going to the strip club is better. To borrow MizV's words.. such warped thinking smh

  3. I say it is definitely a deal breaker. I live in San Francisco and a neighbour of mine had a stripper at his bachelor's party. 4 months into their wedding a pregnant stripper came to the house claiming that she's carrying his child. Ladies if he respects what you have he wouldn't do it plain and simple.

    Now there are actually clean bachelor parties though

  4. I don't even get how guys would want to start the foundation of marriage on this trash. its called a solemnization for Christ sake. You should be prayerfully sober not getting high with strippers and to the first anonymous smh for you

  5. Mehn! the guy na fuck up!! how can he confess like that even implicating his friend. Fake G jor!

  6. yeah all right... what is good for the goose is good for the gander, really what of if the too- be bride has a before wedding party and brings a male stripper to have.....s.***x with her , how will her guy feel ... really they should be thinking of the marital bliss instead of adding demons to them selves before marriage.....SAD... guys be WARNED .... U must not follow the crowd .....

  7. There is no need to deceive myself, hell to no is my response to having such a party, i am afraid, if that was my man in that pic, he is better of marrying the stripper. I am so not going thru with that wedding, except.... Hmmn! Lols. He agrees to CCTVs round the house, then he could party on.

  8. I am a big NO NO NO to a bachelors party with stripper. Find something else to do..shoot a gun, golf, car/bike racing, climb a mountain...heck go wrestle...let off steam some other way or bring the frustration to our bed on our wedding night and lets let it off together. :)

  9. @Adeola, abi o! Hehehhe, lmao@ ''bring the frustration to our bed on our wedding night''

  10. @Adeola, abi o! Hehehhe, lmao@ ''bring the frustration to our bed on our wedding night''

  11. I don't really think Bachelors party must be x rated...guys can always have some cool fun in club,drink,dance and end it.

  12. ... AWW HELL NO. I am just saying. You want a bachelor party like that? Fine go ahead and find another woman who doesn't have enough self respect to allow such a thing...

  13. If she is thinking "I will allow or won't allow you" .. he dodged bullet when she said hell no.. whew lucky break to get away from that one. She would have taken everything had 5 years down the road.

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  16. no bachelor wedding o
    full stop

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  18. Well, as a man, I feel, letting off the steam once in a while is important. Just the thrill of a new chick riding my dick, that's all. It never harm anyone. Guys should know how to keep a secret.


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