Thursday, 1 November 2012

And the award for the Superblogger goes to....


Lol, okay it's not really an award but I made the list of the prestigious YNaija Superblogger series. YNaija is the online platform for Y! Magazine and are the organizers of The Future Awards. So you see how much of a big deal this is, yeah!

Just wanna use this opportunity to say thank you to all my fans and critics alike. Thanks for supporting this blog. I also wish to congratulate the 22 other bloggers that made the list.. You know writing is really a lonely path but we gotta keep staying focused on our focus and encouraging each other.

See the full list and read about the Superblogger series at

It's such a beautiful way to start the month. Happy new month to y'all out there.

Plenty love..




  1. Congrats hon! U are too good not to get recognition. From deedee

  2. Congratulation dear. I am so glad for you and this is just the beginning, you know that right?

  3. Thanks deedee... Thanks so much Deola and I'm glad you are enjoying your new job *wink. Pls don't stop giving us those interesting posts ok

  4. on your way to the TOP BABY.....Award or no award we know your the best....Ace

  5. The sky isn't your limit love, this is just the beginning :)


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