Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pulling off a vintage themed wedding

Vintage isn't necessarily ancient or decadent. Over time I have come to realize that vintage style is going nowhere as fashion keeps getting recycled. Sadly many brides rock in-season trends that go away with time. Imagine having to explain to your kids that at the time you got married it was cool to rock a backless wedding dress, i'm almost certain that they will look at it as tacky. Some of the most stylish women were from the 50s- Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, anyone?

Imagine incorporating their style into your wedding. The result- sheer, timeless elegance. Below, are some vintage ideas you can rock at your wedding

1. The pillbox hat - Made popular by Jackie Kennedy, this modest style is definitely back. The pillbox was popular in the 60s and right now there are many modern ways to rock the pillbox. Add a blusher veil to give it a bridal effect or have your bridesmaids rock little pillbox hats for a retro classic look.

Victoria beckham rocks a pillbox hat to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding

2. Brooches- a brooch is the best accessory to add to a dress. As simple as it seems, it has this transforming power and can dress up a simple gown. It can be pinned at the waist, sleeve,chest to create a vintage feel. Show off a small waist by cinching your waistline with a simple brooch. Have your bridesmaids wear brooches. Use a brooch bouquet in place of a flower bouquet.

Beautiful brooch bouquet courtesy

3. Pearls- pearls are the oldest known gems and for centuries was considered the most valuable of all gems, even more valuable than diamonds. Pearls exude grace, charm, sheer innocence and feminity and is the best piece of jewelry to wear at your wedding. You can wear them as earrings, neck pieces, brooches, tiaras etc

4. Gloves- I definitely love gloves. I love how the English people still rock them, along with hats, petticoat and everything else. Gloves are just timeless and classic. Check out Audrey Hepburn's 50s wedding style in the movie Funny face

A modern bride wearing vintage gloves

5. Lace- Lace wedding dresses are classic... OMG! Lace never ever goes out of style and looks beautiful on many figures and skin tones. Unlike satin which tends to bunch up and crease, lace just skims over a bride's body creating a mix of understated elegance and feminity.

Grace Kelly's 1956 wedding dress is the truth

50s inspired lace wedding dress

6. Vintage fabrics- Lately we've been seeing a surge in old fabrics like the hollandais, old Ankara prints and many others. The 'Oleku' style is seen more and more on brides and guests at traditional weddings. For formal weddings, polka dots and patterned fabrics are becoming popular. Send out old fabrics to your guests as the aso-ebi of the day and have your parents and their friends reminisce about their days of yore.

7. Flower girls- I love that old school flower girl look. I'm unapologetically stuck in the 80s. Having been a flower girl to many brides while growing up, i can't even imagine not having flower girls at my wedding. It was definitely a 'wow' moment for me when i saw the flower girls at Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding last year.


  1. Hmmmm!Nice one. not everyone understands vintage. but i love that lady with d brooch n tiara.

    i will pass on the flower girls though

  2. Beautiful post MizV. I chose a mermaid style dress over a classic ball gown/a-line gown and my wedding was in 2008. I already hate my pictures in 2012.
    Wish I had known better. there's nothing more beautiful than a formal and classic wedding look so i really get this post

  3. Same thing my wife is complaining about. she wore all those fish wedding gowns which i thought looked great on her 2 months into our wedding she says "Dayo, i should have worn a Grace Kelly type dress o!" I was like "baby you chose the dress now" Women!!!

    Thank God i'm a man. i know my wedding suit is no different from my papa's and grandpa's

  4. Many brides look too trendy at their wedding. That's a fact.

  5. yeahh... Vintage tarries through out the ages.... Lovely post... ladies dnt always flow with the trend oh * warning*


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