Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wedding Idea: Dessert Bar

A dessert bar at your wedding has to be one of the best wedding decisions you can make.

Many times when desserts are being passed around in a plate it is left untouched. This could be frustrating to the couple who may have spent a fortune to provide desserts at the wedding. An alternative to this is to have a Desserts Bar at your wedding reception

A Desserts bar keeps the guests spoilt for choice. They get to choose from an array of desserts displayed at the bar. For example a guest may not like sweets while another does. Some may like cakes and chocolates while others may prefer apple or cherries. Some guests usually desire a break between meals. Some just want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Some guests may be under some form of medical restriction. With the wonderful selection available at the desserts table, every guest no matter their preference can indulge. A dessert bar should normally contain both healthy and not so healthy options.

It also solves both the problem of waste and choice. It is a great choice for a wedding reception party whether large or small and you cannot begin to imagine how a dessert bar can add lovely decor to your venue. What's not to like?

Incorporate the colours of your wedding into the desserts bar and watch your guests go 'wow!' at how festive your reception looks.

To have our desserts bar at your wedding please contact us at cakesbymizvuitton@yahoo.com


  1. Your desserts last Saturday was heavenly. Keep it up dearie

  2. deserts are the grove in parties now... well done MizV

  3. They look clean and decorate awesome.

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