Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pre-Wedding Checklist

Sometimes planning a wedding can be a big hassle. If you aren't well organised and if you are not using a wedding planner, you could become overly stressed and worked up before your wedding day.

Here is a checklist compiled by yours truly for a typical Nigerian wedding in no particular order

Eniola and Abdul Alebiosu at their traditional engagement ceremony
Photo courtesy sugarweddings.com

  • Meet the parents
  • Plan introduction ceremony
  • Choose traditional and wedding dates even though tentative
  • If it is a church wedding, decide on the church you would love to wed at.
  • You may request for an officiating minister in advance
  • Start marriage counselling. Most churches usually require 3 - 6 months notice
  • Choose wedding theme/colours
  • Start buying aso-ebi. Start early enough.
  • Start shopping for wedding favours.
  • Shop for a wedding venue, start early because most venues are fully booked 3 months ahead
  • Get vendors- makeup, cake, caterers, decoration, music, security, desserts, drinks e.t.c
  • Bring together bridesmaids and unless you are a gbobgbo bigz gal and willing to write off their bill tell them the price of their dresses and accessories- whether your ordering or using a tailor.
  • Get your wedding dress and accessories - start early and have a set idea of what you want, else you'll be tossed about by every wind of doctrine as there are several great styles to choose from and this may leave you feeling even more confused.
  • Get a tailor to make your traditional wedding attires.
  • Check on the groom and make sure he's put together his wedding party- their clothes, accessories etc guys are generally very lackadaisical about stuff like that
  • Shop for your rings
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Take engagement shots
  • If you have wonderful friends, they will plan your bridal shower
  • You may choose to do pre-wedding dinner instead of a bridal shower
  • Do the traditional rites.
  • Then court wedding - these two are usually days apart i.e. trad and court wedding
  • Relax and prayerfully wait for your wedding day.

You may decide to hire a wedding planner that will take care of pretty much everything.


  1. Great tips o! One shld read this, so you won't tear your hair off on that day.

  2. This is a wonderful resource. I love your blog

  3. The color of your wedding cake is mostly white because it stands for purity right. I impressed by that.

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