Friday, 15 June 2012

It's my wedding day and it's raining

It's raining men hallelujah, It's raining men, Amen! or well, not...

Your wedding date is set in stone but according to the forecast there is likely to be a torrential downpour. Instead of being all gloomy, use the rain to your advantage, after all no matter how hard it rains you are gonna be married off to your prince at the end of the day. It is widely believed that rain on your wedding day brings good luck.

Tips to prepare for a rainy day wedding

Choose a location - If it is an outdoor wedding you may like to check that the venue has an alternative plan in case of rain. If they do not have one you could invest in a tent. You may also want to check if it has changing rooms in that case you may decide to dress up at the venue to avoid the issue of transporting yourself and bridal party to the venue.
A beautiful transparent tent. We can still see the effect created by the rain

Invest in beautiful accessories like matching umbrellas and rain boots. You should invest in trendy rain boots for you and your bridesmaids. This would add so much beauty to your wedding.
You don't want to wade in sky high heels through the rain so galoshes (rain boots) are a great choice. There is an array of trendy designer rain boots to choose from- just make sure the umbrellas and rain boots complement your wedding colours
Up your inner fashionista by rocking this trendy rain boots from Gucci
Bridesmaids complement the purple bridesmaids' dress
with patterned rain boots

Buy shower curtains and beautiful foot mats for outdoor pictures and to reduce messiness in your venue - One thing I hate bout rainy day weddings is that your wedding venue is likely to get messy. To avert this you can spread several shower curtains on the ground leading to the entrance of the venue and at the entrance of the venue place good quality foot mats so that guests can wipe their feets before they get into the venue.You do not want guests to do splits on the wedding floor. Most couples also opt for an aisle runner.

Talk to your photographer -  A professional photographer knows that rainy day shots are the best- the silvery sky, the light drizzle, a picture of your faces in a puddle, wind blown hair etc. A good photog will make the most of the rainy weather as long as you tell him to prepare in advance for it. If it is an indoor affair he may need to bring more lighting, if an outdoor event he'll bring along his own rain shield. Make sure he is prepared. Who knows you might get a picture of you with a rainbow... just saying.

You can send rainy day save the date cards - If it has been confirmed by the weatherman that it may rain (weather reports aren't foolproof) you may want to send out rainy day 'save the date'  cards to your guests so they can prepare in advance. There should a specific statement that says something like"in the event that it rains we will relocate  from the garden to the indoor banquet hall"

For added effect bride and groom can hold up signs- the bride will hold up "Rain,Rain" and the groom will hold up a sign "Go Away" to create a fun and quirky twist.

Load up on comfort food. It is said that we like to eat when its raining.


  1. MizV.. Beautiful post.. just started thinking out side the Box LOL, the pix in the rain, I am so loving it , it looks like stars it makes want another wedding *wink*....

    rain rain go away..
    just thinking of adding cute umbrellas as asobi LOL .... U knoww

    Very educative dear...Well Done

  2. It makes me want another wedding... * Sad* esp for the pictures...

  3. true.
    Good tips. Really good tips.

  4. @ ama lol at using umbrellas as aso-ebi yeah u can use umbrellas as wedding favours. actually thot i added that lol. my bad

  5. Thanks Ola. You are a lurve...


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