Friday, 1 June 2012

Wedding trend: Parasols

The parasols are back.. Yay!

Make like J-lo and rock a parasol at your wedding
J-lo at her wedding to ex Marc Anthony in 2004
Choose a lacy parasol for a classic and decorative feel to your wedding

Parasols are really so fifties but many brides are rocking the 'em in this day and age. Beautifully crafted designs are becoming more visible at weddings. It is practical for outdoor weddings and can be used to add elegance and beauty to your wedding, even creating a vintage feel. Parasols are also a fashion statement.

There are different types of parasols from the classic Battenberg lace to the more practical paper parasols. The key to choosing the type of parasol to use will depend on cost and practicality. For instance if it is to shield yourself and your bridal party from the elements such as  rain, it is not wise to use a paper parasol

Tips for incorporating the parasol into your wedding

It can be used by bridesmaids 
Choose a colour that will go with the overall colour theme of your wedding

A nude coloured parasol complements the wedding colour
of powder blue and yellow

Your bridesmaids can use the parasols in place of bouquets

It is a beautiful photo prop

See how the parasol helps create the perfect silhouette for this photo

It can be used as wedding favours for your guests

For an outdoor wedding it is practical to use parasols as wedding favours to protect your guests from natural elements

It can be placed at the entrance to a small outdoor wedding
Another tip is to hang the parasols on your guests' seats and put a monogrammed badge showing their initials or first name. This is only possible where there is a seating arrangement in place.

Decoration by Oaken Events
Parasols can be used as wedding decor

It is both functional and decorative and can be incorporated into the wedding venue decor. From lining the aisle with the parasols to hanging them from the roof there is no limit to allowing your creative juices flow when decorating with parasols

Parasols can be hung from the ceiling

Cocktail parasols can be added to drinks served at the wedding

Be sure that the cocktail parasols  go with the wedding colours. This will create a wonderful effect

Cocktail parasols are inexpensive but beautiful ways to add colour to your wedding

Whimsical Parasol designs can be used on the wedding invitation

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