Thursday, 7 June 2012

Adieu! the Anyenes.. We will meet again.

I have not blogged in a while because I am grieving. I lost my uncle and his entire family in the ill fated Dana plane crash on June 2nd 2012. My Uncle Onyeka had great plans. He was loved by many, had touched lives but we lost him- not only him but his entire family was wiped out. This breaks my heart more than you can ever know. I fear for my mum , my grandma, every single one of us is inconsolable. We can't question God but this occurrence brought some things to the fore. Which way Nigeria? the plane crash was not caused by an act of God but was due to gross negligence.

Adieu Uncle Onyeka, Maimuna,Kamsi,Kayine,Kaima and Noah Anyene
and everyone we lost in the ill fated Dana plane crash

Ola Fadumiye, freelance writer and blogger at captures my mind with regards to the Nigerian situation. See her post below:

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The Ugly Amidst the beautiful... Nigeria!

In just three days, there have been three tragedies in and about Nigeria and in these tragedies...many lights were quenched. The lives of people are precious, and when people die because of another's carelessness and SELFISHNESS, it stinks and stings.

I am almost over yelling about how Goodluck and his government needs to be flogged. I am over debating about how bad Nigeria is and how it needs change. It is my same mouth that speaks that should build. This post is not about how incompetence every single sector of the nation I call mine is...I'm so over the talk. I am not even sure what this post is all about.

But are these deaths really meant to adequate fire fighting tools, emergency services are non existent, inadequate roads, too narrow roads, too crowded roads, lack of crowd control, faulty radar system, ignored warnings about faulty plane...if all was in place, HECK! if the last issue was addressed...would these people be alive? Would their family still smile?

In the same space where love is happening and life is given..there is death, corruption, heartless travel officials and people without regard for life...just profits.

In that same breath of beautiful is the ugly...all in Nigeria and in life.

The news that a family traveled in to celebrate a wedding and met their death breaks my heart. The celebration of a wedding union and the death of three generations, a grandmother, a husband, wife and four children...the juxtaposing of beautiful and ugly. As a woman that loves to get on a plane and who also experience slight panics during turbulence, I am not sure how to imagine ones death when you are very aware the very plane you are sitting on is about to crash.

Beautiful things happen alongside ugly things. The birth of a child and the loss of more than 150 lives in a plane crash in Nigeria are the juxtaposing of beautiful and ugly. The coming together of a man and a woman and the lose of over ten people in a terrorist attack in Nigeria all happening in one weekend and in one city is the coming together of the beautiful and ugly.

My heart is sad and this post is making no sense to me.

I know it is customary to pray that the soul of those who die rest in peace, but aside from the issue of who goes to heaven vs. who goes to there ever rest for victims of unjust deaths, murder and terrorist attacks? As much as there is no rest for the perpertrators, is there ever rest for the souls? I am not sure what I am trying to say, but my heart is heavy and full, and downloading it coherently seem almost impossible even for me.

My pen is heavy, so heavy it is weighed down

I will see you all tomorrow.

Beloved, You are Loved Absolutely!


  1. What can I say? I am so so sorry dear.

  2. Truth is we all need 2look deep within ourslvs n try 2make tins right.a lot of our leaders hve bin sold out 2corruption...We hve 2 spark up a revolution n say enough is enough cos doin things d wrong may will never lead 2kno gud.So it starts from us all a lot of us are nonchalant about these thing and we r busy chasin things that are not so important.this is the time 2act like Asa says in one of her songs-"One day the river will overflow and der will be no place for us to go and we will run wishing we had put out d fire"that won't be our portion in Jesus name.Amen

  3. Still is unbelievable,complete annihilation and oh! the little ones!Only God in his infinite mercy can save us!Such Loss cant really be borne but may its aftermath bring salvation to this has to be well Miz V

  4. MizV... God Almighty knows best, What can we say, I am so sorry, to lose a loved one is not easy... The memories will forever linger on.... I am so sad for this country... which way Nigeria according to Onyeka .... God will console your family , my heart is with U ... All in life is Vain...


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