Monday, 18 June 2012

Meagan Goode weds Devon Franklin.. Yasss!

Nothing 'Church' about that kiss..
Looks like they are kissing each other from the soul 
Meagan Goode finally Jumps the broom

This was a wedding packed weekend- Bella Naija's Uche Eze got hitched to her long time love Bode Pedro (Congrats Bella Naija) and Meagan Goode tied the knot with Seventh day Adventist Pastor and Sony exec Devon Franklin.

Meagan got hitched to her preacher man beau Devon Franklin in an antique, purple and gold themed wedding outside of Los Angeles. The couple met each other last year while filming ‘Jumping The Broom’.

Meagan walked down the aisle to ‘These Arms’ performed by the Craig Lewis Band while dressed in a custom R-Mine gown with a purple dipped train. At first, she had a hard time convincing designers to dip the train, however she was dead set on dipping it in purple. Of her dress Meagan said, ‘I didn’t want girly, I wanted handsome. It’s got a bit of a masculine feel to it. I wanted something that felt a tad bit rebellious and out of the ordinary. That felt closer to my personality.”

The happy bride also wore jewels by Beverly Hills' Jason the jeweller .

At the reception singer Shanice sang, ‘Loving You’ while the couple enjoyed their first dance. I can almost picture the moment- they both enthralled by each other, Devon h
olding her waist while she throws her hands around his neck, looking into each other's eyes, nothing else would matter and them being oblivious of everyone around, hearts fluttering and tears running down her face while the soulful Shanice croons 'Loving you is easy cause your beautiful"...... awwwww! that's okay now MizVuitton.

According to People Magazine, they won’t have the chance to enjoy their honeymoon immediately after the wedding because Meagan is still filming her NBC show, Infamous. In the meantime, they will be skipping off to Big Sur, which is five hours from Los Angeles, for a mini moon.

DeVon makes me better, makes my life fuller, and completes my quality of life," Good tells PEOPLE. "He's truly on my team and I am truly on his. God revealed my heart to him like nobody else." 

Adds Franklin, "I've never had more peace, fun, and joy than I've had with her." 

Meagan and Devon aren't exactly planning to start a family soon. They both have decided that they’d like to get to know each other as husband and wife first:

“We want to make sure that when we bring a child into this world we give it our full attention!”

Damn I wish I was a fly on the wall in their honeymoon suite...

Let the consummating begin *wink

Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Meanwhile in another news Meagan was promoting Devon’s appearance on Oprah Super Soul Sunday by tweeting:

Please tune in @11am PST and watch my husbands #SuperSoulSunday on @OWNTtv with @Oprah it will bless you and be life/perception changing!!!!

Oprah responded:

@MeaganGood @devon_franklin is that first time you used “my husband” in a sentence? Congratulations. Happy Honeymoon!

Meagan responded back

OMG! YES!!! Lol !!!!!

Oh! Now I wanna get married

Peep some photos below

Source: Twitter, People Magazine


  1. Omg,I love meagan Good,she's my bday mate *huge smile* and now I love her even more cos she used purple and gold as her colour theme..*sigh*

  2. I really love her too and i'm glad she did right. Waited for the right man and got MARRIED. A lot of celebs are doing the exact opposite... It's really nice that she's your birthday mate. i absolutely love her

  3. Abi o! MizV. Putting the cart before the horse a la Jolie Pitts lol

  4. Come madam... what's your fascination with this meagan goode of a person

  5. lol... you noticed right? It isn't just meagan goode but I just love LOVE.

  6. I wanna get married like.....this saturday!gosh I'm close to tears!


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