Friday, 22 June 2012

To veil or not to

Bolarin Biobaku at her traditional marriage

I remember when my family friend was getting married she had decided she didn't want to wear a veil but wanted her hair flowing with a gigantic tiara atop her head. When her mother heard this she almost had a fit. How can you not veil?, a bride must be veiled on her wedding day, Why do you want to be different? My family friend being a tomboy lashed out "Mum, I'm not everybody"

Which brings me to the question- Why do brides wear a veil?

In the old Roman Empire, it was said that the veil was meant to scare away evil spirits who might kidnap the bride before the wedding.

It was also used for arranged marriages so that the groom will not back out based on the physical features of the bride. In this type of marriage the bride is betrothed to the groom and this may have been kept secret by their parents, it is at the wedding that he would formally unveil his bride.

TV Personality Star Jones rocks a record 27 inch long veil
Hers was longer than Princess Diana's by 2 inches

In reference to biblical times, the veil was used to trick Jacob into marrying plain Leah instead of her sister Rachel.

At other times the veil came to symbolize chastity, purity and modesty. When the veil was lifted it signified that the groom was taking possession of his wife and he has a right to enter conjugal relations with her. This supports the saying "a bride was given to her husband in marriage while a man took a wife".

Today the veil has become more of an accessory. It is no longer tied to such superstitious beliefs as in times past.

It has become a beautiful fashion statement - the longer the veil, the more formal the wedding as there are varieties to choose from.

The decision to veil  is entirely yours. Whether veiled or not just be sure your rocking that aisle.


  1. hay.. love short veils oh... well just rock the day brides... any thing that makes u happy, well for the grooms peep to be sure oh, sha the veil must be transparent.... Peeps have a lovely wkend.. thumbs up MizV

  2. Hmm...interesting read. I had no idea the meaning behind the veil. It good to know.

  3. I love the delicate-looking bird-cage veils and will surely rock that on my wedding day. Nice article Miz V.


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