Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Forever Thine: Melody Iyeke weds Dipo Otutuloro

Today's real wedding feature should inspire to believe in true love and when you do find true love, to work equally as hard to keep that love. True love is rare. Read about Melody and Dipo's journey of love below

Wedding Date 
October 13 2012

The Meeting
Melody and Dipo met at her office in 2009 and guess what, she made the first move. According to Melody, "he comes around to help maintain our systems and I had been looking at him. One day I finally spoke and told him I liked him, he blushed (he is fair in complexion so I'm sure), he gave me his card and we started off talking. This was in May. By November he said to me "I want our time to be beautiful, no matter how short or long it will last, I just want it to be beautiful" and I tell you it has been beautiful ever since. Funny thing is, before I met him I didn't like light skinned men.

Dipo says about their first meeting, "I had just come off a relationship and was going through a phase where I just dropped drink and cigars and needed something more. I (literally) heard a voice in my head or mind that said- look in places you wouldn't normally look and that did it. Truth is, before I met Melody, I wouldn't normally go for a "big" girl.

The Proposal 
Melody: We had talked about marriage in different ways. I've even had a previous proposal that was pure fantasy but it was from the wrong guy. So for me I wasn't particular about the kind of proposal. So there we were, crossover service had just ended and we were walking towards the car, he was gonna drop me off at home. I was trying to open the car door when I saw someone on his knees fumbling to get the ring case from his tight shirt pocket saying "baby will you marry me". I jumped on him, we kissed then he put the ring on my finger. We walked back into the church amidst congratulatory messages from people that witnessed it.

How did you know he/she was the one
Melody: I wasn't sure at first but he was every inch a comforter when my dad passed. He warmed his way into my family with his down-to-earth-ness and was ultra affectionate with everyone. It was then that I started dreaming. We've had our rough times but my mom always told me- " if you meet a man that has love stored in his account, stay with him, everything else will come. His love will sustain you" so here we are, married, still facing challenges but he never fails to wrap his arms around me at my slightest discomfort and he will will say to me "baby we will get through this, we'll make it" and I believe

Highest point of the wedding 
Melody: Every inch of the day was a high point, because as the hours inched into the joining, the reception, the after party, I was filled with wonder at God. It was like a film I was just playing my part in. It felt so unreal because it didn't look like it will be possible.

What do you love about him/her?
 Melody: Dipo is an intense being in every way, quietly passionate and full of depth, plus he is mighty affectionate, I see him get teary eyed sometimes and I love it because I do think that real men cry. Jesus did.

 Dipo: "My wife is grounded in stone and hard set in her ways sometimes but those are really her strengths, her imperfections are her perfections. She makes me want to be a man accountable and responsible.

So sweet....

Some shots from the Traditional Marriage

Wedding Details
Wedding Colours: White, Black and Red
Venues:  Church     - Realm of Glory International Church, Okota
            Reception - Meals & Events, Okota

Catering: Ufuoma 08028560801
Wedding Cake: Cakes by Delicieux 08035525972
Decor: Lapel Creations
Photography: Ade Plumptre
Hair and Make-up: Alice's Place 08062713268

Wishing the couple unending marital bliss...

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  1. I just saw your share on facebook. OMG! their story had me in tears.God will keep them and bless them. Makes me feel like I know them personally. May you both enjoy your marriage to the fullest

  2. There is this innocence about the bride. She is beautiful. The groom too. I love how both of them were not each other's speck before they met and fell in love. I laughed so hard at that part. God does have a sense of humour.

  3. In your words mizvuitton, I LOVE THEIR LOVE

    my best line from this post "so here we are, married, still facing challenges but he never fails to wrap his arms around me at my slightest discomfort and he will will say to me "baby we will get through this, we'll make it" and I believe"

    Congrats Melody and Dipo

  4. This has to be the hottest and most unique bridal train ever. The polka dot, the red shoes, the bun, all the girls are beautiful. The bride has such great taste obviously. The couple look so in love especially in that pic where he was serenading her http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IJ55bAcOvUs/UTSJRbYbYEI/AAAAAAAADZ8/tcCGCVkrebQ/s400/ADA+&+JR-365.JPG

    Too beautiful for words

  5. She made the first move.. Wow! I'm inspired, there is a guy i've been scoping at work, i have a feeling he likes me but is just as scared to walk up to me. I catch him staring at me and we've been doing this for close to a year, u know acting like we don't like each other and stuff. he is not in the office today so tomorrow imma be making the first move. wish me luck guys. you could be featuring my wedding soon MizVuitton and this would be me sharing my own story lol

    1. hmmmm! sha even though you make the first move please don't give him the cookies quickly. Make him wait for it if not the dude will just chop and clean mouth and will forever have the bragging rights that u approached him and it was you doing all the tripping

  6. This is beautiful. God do my own for me please ha!

  7. 0Beautiful wedding..love d colors,d brides smile..everthing
    Esp d cake! OmG I wanna hve some yum yum!
    Wat got 2me was when melody was asked what she loves about her man and she said:sumtin abt seeing him tearing up n sumtin abt beliving real men cry..aww!

    Btw! D bestman looks hawt...Dang!is he married 2???(Bbm raised eyebrow smiley)
    Plssss hookup a sis

    1. Lol shoot me an email if you are serious. Who knows you could be sharing your story about how u met your husband on this blog. Hehe!

  8. beautiful story, gorgeous couple, lovely bridal party, very fabulous pictures...congrats melody n dipo, God bless ur union.

  9. I know this couple from church wow!i've always watched them from afar, they just seem so in love without even trying. didn't even know they had done their wedding. congrats to the couple

    Yours truly,
    A secret fan


  10. *Reaches for handkerchief and dabs tears* This is true love.


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