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Eternal Bliss: Mathilda Izuagie weds Bugie Okhuemoi

If you are in doubt about how to go about a Christian courtship (you know the old fashioned way of informing your pastor of your intentions before the start of a courtship, it works) while keeping things romantic, please read Matty and Bugie's story of love. We head down to the ancient city of Benin to bring you this beautiful wedding. Read all about Matty and Bugie's story here-

The Meeting

Matty: Bugie and I are deeply committed Christians so it stands to reason that we met in church. He is involved in ministry just like I am. We became particularly close when were called to serve on several committees in church.

Bugie: As we got closer, there was a certainty in my heart the Matty was the one God had chosen for me. I did what we were raised to do- I spoke to my pastor about her. Considering the close relationship we both enjoyed with our pastor, she gave us a go ahead and we started courting.

The Proposal

Bugie: I had planned to pop the question on her birthday, April 19, 2012 and I wanted it to be the first thing I did on the morning of her birthday. I tried all I could to get the ring the day before (April 18th up till 1am on the 19th) so I could propose to her first thing in the morning before she went to work, but somehow the jeweler did not deliver. So I saw her that morning and only wished her a happy birthday.

Knowing Matty well, I knew she will be surprised that she didn't get any birthday gift from me. We chatted all day and still I hadn't said anything about her gift. By the time I saw her later that evening, she said to me with a low countenance "I received so many gifts today, but nothing from you”. I smiled and said “some of the best things in life, come later than you expect". With that statement, I went on my knees and popped the question. I will never forget the image of her face lighting up with her trademark angelic smile as I slipped the ring into her finger.

What you love most about each other

Matty: Bugie is multi-talented, he runs his Brand Consultancy firm, his clothing line, he does public speaking, is a great actor, he has an amazing sense of humor and has a passion for photography and music. We are made for each other. He loves God, loves me and is committed to ministry

Bugie: Matty complements me. She loves God and is committed to the ministry. Matty being a banker, is the perfect organizer, she has a great and kind heart. My wife is full of so much love for everyone. She is humble, a little reserved, extremely intelligent and effortlessly beautiful.

How did you know he/she was the one

Matty & Bugie: We have no doubt in our hearts that we were made for each other because we met exactly at God's appointed time, not a minute early, not a minute late.

Matty: Our union has been pure bliss. Ours is a match made in heaven. We wake up and go to bed every day with gratitude in our hearts to God for giving us each other as soul mates. With Bugie, it’s never a dull moment. He is always full of laughter and fun. He’s been my love, strength, shoulder, inspiration, support, and best friend.

Bugie: In Matty, I have found the greatest companion and friend. Every man needs a constant cheerleader, who encourages and believes in him. Matty has been my number one fan, and with her, there’s nothing I can’t achieve. She is my strength and I love her with my life.

Highest point of the wedding

Matty: July 27th and 28th 2012 will remain the second best days of our lives (after the day we individually gave our lives to Jesus Christ). Everything went impeccably according to plan, though we had a few funny incidences mainly on the groom’s part.

Bugie: Our wedding day was on the last Saturday of the month, which incidentally is the environmental sanitation day and there is usually no movement on sanitation Saturdays until 10am. We were supposed to have a barber come cut mine and my best man's hair.The barber couldn't get to us until after 10am which was too close to the time we had to be in church. Well, we were not too late getting to church, and our hair was cut nicely! Every other aspect of the event, from the church to the reception went smoothly and according to plan. The pictures tell the story.

How do you plan to deal with challenges

We know the future ahead for us and our kids will just be one of pride and glory, not because we won’t have challenges, but because in spite of the challenges we may face, we have made up our minds to run our marriage as God who created the institution of marriage has instructed.

The Planning

Planning for the wedding began as soon as our dates were approved by the church. The planning was basically driven by the bride, spanned 3 months and covered the sourcing for the venue, bride and bridesmaid’s apparel, catering, colour theme and decoration, catering, vendors, logistics and all. Bugie says, "Matty is a master planner and the end success of the whole event bears testimony to her diligence, vision, insight and gift"

Side note: Can you count how many times you heard "God" throughout this post? Countless times. A three fold cord (God, husband and wife) cannot easily be broken. We wish the couple lifelong bliss.

White wedding pictures

Traditional Wedding

Wedding Details:

Wedding Date- July 27th and 28th 2012

Wedding Venue- Church: Christ Embassy, Benin

Reception: Metro Events Centre, G.R.A. Benin City

Wedding Colours: Gold & Cream

Stationery (Invitations, Souvenirs, Program)- Made in Heaven Brands 08028386873

Groom and bestman's suit- Base 1 08034919759

Wedding Dress: All Bridal 08037254245

Bridesmaids dresses/ shoes: Pages 08138004307

Wedding Cake: Sugar World 08184808310

Caterers: Ambassadors Catering 08075251226

Decoration: Annibells Events 08033231447

Music: DJ Darmix (Rhythm 93.7 Benin) 07031955450

Videography: Video Events

Photography: Stanlee Ohikhuare

Wedding Planner: The Bride's Event Planning Company M.I.H Events-08028386873

Make-up: Osamu's Beauty Matters 08023412300

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