Thursday, 21 March 2013

7 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Want your wedding to stand out? Personalise your wedding with this simple tips.

Use an aisle runner-
An aisle runner adds sophistication to your wedding. It is the easiest way to personalise your wedding because there are so many monogrammed options from. You can inscribe a favourite bible verse or a favourite quote. You can monogram your names or the official insignia of the wedding. Take note not to use it for an outdoor wedding as it can be an accident hazard. You don't want to trip while walking down the aisle.

Photo booth
This is the surest way of having  photos of all the guests at your wedding. It can also double as a video station where guests can say one or two words about the couple. Who needs a guest book when you can have a visual guest book?

Photo Booth at Tomi and Toro's Nigerian Wedding
Photo: E. Etomi Photography
You can make photo booth fun by adding empty frames, nerd glasses and other fun accessories

Directional signs 
This a practical and beautiful idea for a personalised wedding. The signs would bear the couples names and wedding date. it could also be inscribed with quirky messages like "eat, drink and be married". A directional sign should have an arrow or a map helping guests find their way around.

Personalized Table Numbers

They are usually done with table number cards. It usually works when there is a seating arrangement. The table card can have a water marked insignia of the couple with the table number on it

Dance floor decal
You can have a dance floor decal for just you two. A decal clearly marks your space and makes for beautiful photos. Hot tip: Ask your photographer to capture an aerial view of your first dance on the decal.

Toasting Flutes
Apart from the first dance and the bouquet toss, the toast is an all important part of the wedding. You want it to stand out in your wedding photos. Why not get toasting flutes with your name/initials and wedding dates engraved on it? Beautiful way to customize your reception party.

"I DO" shoes - You can inscribe "I do" at the bottom of your shoes.  You can use a decal inscription or spell it out with magnetic studs.

Personalising your wedding doesn't cost much. Many wedding sites, like David's Bridal offer many personalised items for sale and also offer shipping and delivery services.

Got any ideas on how to personalise a wedding? Help a bride out there by sharing


  1. This is soooo beautiful.nice ideas esp the photo booth part.never seen it before@a weddin n I kno it will really b kno ladies n pictures.

    Then again opportunity 4guest 2wish d couple wateva they want 2wish dem.I remember goin for a weddin n d photographer had 2beg us(friends of d bride) to come d next weekend after d weddin so he can shoot a video of us sayin nicee things about the bride.but it never happened because after the weddin everyone disappeared but with the photo booth it mkes it a lot more say what u have to say on d spot n go on 2enjoy d big day.
    Beautiful! Brilliant idea mizV

  2. Great tips MizVuitton. I saw this idea on a wedding site and thot to share- while the bride was walking down the sisal and the organ was playing, the page boy held up a sign with the words "here comes the bride"
    'twas really nice

  3. *aisle damn autocorrect


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