Thursday, 7 March 2013

Introducing the Stylish Groom

This post is for the fashion savvy groom. You can deviate from the normal black-tie traditional look and create your own style at your wedding.

To get the fresh off the runway look at your wedding we advise you to incorporate the following tips into your wedding style

Navy blue suit, charcoal grey or dark grey

Suspenders/Braces very retro and chic
Benjamin Odufuwa and Asisat Adeyemi. Groom looks very stylish in red suspenders

Hats off to the groom

The Patterned Bow tie
Publisher of Wed Magazine Akin Eso wore a patterned monochrome bow tie at his wedding.

Skinny ties

Colourful and Patterned socks

Photography by Tunji Sarunmi

Quirky accessories such as geek glasses, sunglasses, bowler hats, panama hats belts,quirky cufflinks and lapel pins


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