Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hair style inspiration for the Natural Bride

Singer Janelle Monae rocks this top knot to a T. Love her 

Have you noticed a recent attempt at emancipating black women to ditch the weaves and go back to rocking their natural hair? Unfortunately, many natural hair brides that have successfully transitioned will rather wear a weave on their wedding day- reason being that it is easier to style and is more sophisticated and feminine. While this may be true, it is also very possible to style your natural African hair in different feminine and elegant styles. Check out a few hair style inspiration for the natural bride.

This style is perfect for the bride that is still transitioning thus the ends of her hair is still relaxed while the roots is natural, you can use a braided or twisted extension like this bride to cover the relaxed ends.  Adding a little bling wouldn't hurt.

Totally love this hair style.. you can add a braided extension at the back for that extra pizzazz

The braided extension adds that extra zing

These brides show you how to rock a 'fro at your wedding. Tres chic!

Big hair don't care

Nollywood Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim looked cute in her fro at her wedding

Wonder what Amber Rose will look like on her wedding day? This should give you an idea. This beautiful bride dares to be different in an extra low cut

This bride rocks her twists at her wedding.

This bride looks beautiful in her braids

Which is your favourite style? Have any other ideas on how to be a natural hair bride, please share.

Credits: Essence Magazine, Munaluchi Bridal Magazine


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  4. What a nice collection of wedding hairstyles.
    They truly help as I'm looking for some ideas of hairstyles for wedding and these are great examples. Thanks!

    Cheers xxx


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