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Wedding trends for 2012

Illusion necklines
Illusion necklines are such a big hit this year. Picture a strapless wedding dress but the neckline is covered by sheer lace, that is the illusion neckline. It is beautiful, chic and really comfortable to wear. It also suits every kind of bride from slim to curvy and is timeless and elegant. The illusion neckline has become a popular fixture of weddings this year.
"Isadora" by Marchesa from the Spring 2012 Bridal Collection

Bride-  Kehinde Oniru

Beautiful and Elaborate Dessert Stands

Another wedding trend in 2012 is the elaborate dessert stand. Couples spare no expense to satisfy their guests' sweet tooth and what better time to indulge than at a wedding. There are lots of great ideas like chocolate fountain, colourful/themed cupcakes, fruit trees, decorative fruit arrangements, colourful pastries the list is endless. Elaborate dessert stands add so much colour to the wedding and makes for beautiful photography.

Dessert stands add so much beauty to a wedding reception

A Short Romantic Hollywood styled film
 a la Stephanie's wedding video that went viral. Many couples now opt for a Hollywood styled romantic short flick. The main stars are the Bride and Groom (think Mr and Mrs Smith, lol). It is usually in form of a short biography telling the story of the couple. Unlike the wedding videos that we are accustomed to that just records the events at the wedding, this type tells a story about the couple. The story is told either by the bride or the groom or a professional voice-over. Sometimes this short movie may be set in some other age e.g Medieval, Renaissance, the 70s, 80s etc .

Watch the clip of Stephanie Okereke's wedding video below

The couple have a romantic moment before the wedding

This destroys the myth of not seeing a bride before the wedding ceremony. Many couples opt to see each other before the wedding to share a romantic moment before heading to church. For the more superstitious brides there is a new technique called the 'Behind the door' technique that is really catching on. You get to share a romantic moment without seeing each other. Have a glimpse at the photo below

Couple share a romantic moment before the wedding

Small Weddings
Many couples are opting for smaller weddings. They are usually simple and fun- the type where everybody knows everybody. Champagne showers and loads of partying characterizes smaller weddings. The focus of the wedding is usually on details. Smaller weddings are really catching on in 2012.
A small Scottish-themed wedding

Engagement and Pre-wedding photos with a theme
 This trend has been on for a while i.e pre-wedding shots but in  2012 many couples are incorporating themes into their pre-wedding shots e.g A Royal theme, racy couple theme, 60s theme shots, Disney land theme etc

Doesn't this remind you of a  scene from a hollywood movie
Image credit: twelve0photography

Disney Land theme

Pre- wedding dinner party

 Pre-wedding dinners have replaced the traditional bridal shower and bachelors' eve. Many couples are opting to create special moments to be shared with friends. It is usually an intimate celebration organised for the couple and their close friends. Memories are relived, jokes, karaoke and lots of food and drinks.

Image Credit : Oaken Events

Bella and Jameel Disu at their Pre-Wedding dinner

Vintage style weddings
 Did vintage themed weddings really ever go anywhere. I think everyone has a little vintage in them but not everyone is bold enough to pull it off. Now you can see horse and carriage, old vintage cars (volkswagen beetle,old school bentley) being used to chauffeur the couple and their entourage, vintage style clothing, vintage theme etc

A Vintage looking  car 

Vintage themed wedding

Monogrammed bathrobe for the bride
 The bride usually wears a bath robe that shows the wedding date and her soon to be name e.g Mrs  Johnny. It usually comes in the wedding colour of the day.

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