Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Funke Akindele - Why are beautiful young women settling?

Funke and her husband to be, Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof aka Kenny doo

A while back (last week or so) the media was awash with news of Funke Akindele's impending marriage to a businessman cum politician, Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof aka Kenny doo. It was alleged that the soon-to-be husband of Jenifa is married and has six kids from two different women. This report has been denied by her camp severally.

Kehinde claims that he was never married but had a live-in baby mama for many years. A picture has surfaced online of him and his alleged wife at their nikkai ceremony (Islamic wedding rites) to debunk this claim.

Kenny and his alleged wife at their Nikkai ceremony  

Funke Akindele as most of us know is a very popular A-list Nollywood actress. Smart, young and beautiful. She is the brain behind Jenifa, a high grossing Yoruba comedy film. She is a law grad from the University of Lagos and has so many achievements in her kitty. She is a foremost Nollywood face, a Globacom Ambassador, a screenwriter, a producer and a director. She enjoys support from her peers, the Lagos social scene and even the Lagos State Government. She has so many endorsement deals .

Long and short of it is that Funke is a young and successful woman. Gbam!

It's her personal life really!

But this brings me to the question: from Mercy Johnson to Funke Akindele to the regular chick from around the block... Why are we settling? How did marriages, even relationships move from being on our own terms to being on a man's terms. When do we get to that point that we lower our standards- a little at first, then a little more and then.... Is marriage really the be all and end all even if it means marrying just anyone... Are men really that scarce?, lol

Please share your thots.

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  1. we are settling because the society tells us that we can never amount to anything being single and alone and once you get to the cut-off age(30 and above), no matter how successful u are, u'll still be seen as having failed until u get married. its not the ideal situation but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. cant blame her at all

    1. I'm afraid you are right and this shouldn't be the case, because marriage isn't child's play, it would either make you or mar you!!!

  2. i think funke's marriage is an arranged one.d man most have gv her an option of 'marry me or i won't finance ur movies agn'.where do u think she gt all d millions she is spending on her film?u know dt nigeria men can't spend on a woman without collecting smtg bk.no free 4 nija

    1. Abi o! The guy wld have been tired of other pple sampling his investments. Lols.

    2. My dear,am agree with u,Nigerian can't not something for u without collecting it back.

    3. My dear,am agree with u,Nigerian men can not do something for u without u paying back.i tire ooooooooooo..

  3. Abi o! i guessed cos that chick is a big spender. Was wondering who bankrolls her movies and her lifestyle


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