Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Say "yes" to the dress

Molly Sims looks perfect in her wedding dress

I am a curvaceous UK size 14 -16. I worry about how my arms would look in my wedding dress, I have a cute pouch (It really is cute) and I have wide hips, I obsess so much about how my wedding dress will fit. Getting a dress for someone like me may pose a herculean task after all we are not all Molly Sims. The average naija girl is quite 'thick' n 'healthy'. Don't hate on us our men love us dat way.

Sometimes I wish I was a man cos all they have to do is get a suit with a nice fit, a tie, crisp shirt, belt, well polished shoes and they are good to go. No frills, no lace.

And since us 'girls' come in different shapes and sizes, we all have our body hangups.. so while we may admire Kim K's dress (allow your mind skip the 1 minute wedding, damn i'm in pain!) and dream about rocking that type of dress, our body shape or genes may tell us different.

I have tried to class the different body shapes my friends have (you guys know yourselves, lol) and use it as a yardstick to choosing a wedding dress for any body shape

You got a boyish, straight up and down shape

You should rock a dress with an empire waistline. Gowns with empire waists are usually very feminine and soft. The empire waist comes below the bust which will create a hint of a small waist while the lower part of the gown will gently flare outward to create an illusion of curves. If you have great arms and shoulders you may show it off with a strapless dress. Empire waists are also a great choice for pregnant brides.

Empire waistlines are great on boyish shapes 
and also work well for pregnant brides 


You got large boobs, a heavy top half and narrow hips

The problem is that you dont want to come off looking like Johnny Bravo on your wedding day. You still wanna show off feminine curves even if it is almost non-existent. It is wise to rock a fairytale style or ball gown wedding dress. This will help balance out your upper body by adding volume to your lower body for the perfect hourglass silhouette. For large boobs, you can soften the look by wearing a slightly plunging neckline.

     Ball gowns are great for disguising narrow hips 


You are curvy with big boobs, fluffy middle and wide hips

You can create the perfect figure by accentuating your strongest points. You should invest in a structured dress like Princess dresses or a-line dresses.It should have a fitted bodice and should nip your waist while skimming over your hips thus accentuating your best assets

Isi Omiyi rocks an a-line dress with sleeves. The dress nips her in the waist, 
gently skimming over her hips while disguising her ample bosom to create a perfect silhouette 

You have big arms

If you have 'bat wings' you can rock a wedding dress with sleeves as long as its a great cut it will fit perfectly. If you are trying to hide a flabby upper arm you can rock a slightly loose sleeves.

Cleverly cut sleeves work well to hide bat wings
Model for Badgley Mischka

You have a tall and slender model-esque shape
For a tall and slender shape you can rock a column dress. This will make you look and feel like a supermodel. It'll create a statuesque effect and will just fit you figure like a glove. You can add a flare to the bottom of the dress to balance the look so it won't look like a regular dinner gown.

Column dresses are usually figure hugging 

You've got great legs

If you've got great legs and wanna show it off and you are eclectic like that, you can rock a short dress or a tea party length dress. Yes it's possible to wear a short wedding gown.


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