Monday, 14 May 2012

Annie Macaulay and Tuface Idibia: How long is too long?

Tuface and Annie with their daughter Isabella

Annie and Tuface are married, legally! She's been with him a whole 13 years right from his Plantation Boiz days and it took 13 years, 6 children and two baby mamas for him to finally put a ring on it.

On February 14th, 2012 Tuface proposed to Annie, (remember how our bb was flooded with congratulatory messages for the couple and this messages were not even from people that know the couple personally) one of his baby mamas Pero Adeniyi who already had two children for him was pregnant with his sixth child at the time.

Recently it was reported that tuface and annie got married at a private ceremony. According to sources close to the couple the introduction was done at Annie’s house in Ajah on May 1st 2012 while the wedding proper took place at a registry the next day. The two still have plans for a white wedding which will take place on a yet-to-be disclosed date.

This gist was confirmed by tuface via his twitter account. He tweeted

Annie on the other hand recently tweeted

Which brings me to the question. How long is too long? You have that man that has beeen dragging his feet all this long long years. Ladies do you think its worth the wait? According to Annie 'The worst part of life is waiting. The best part of life is having someone worth waiting for'. Does love truly bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things. Please share your thots.

Meanwhile peep the marriage pic below

Annie that outfit though *rme* lol


  1. Seriously!!! 13 years?!!! Didnt even know it was that long. I am sorry to say that, but any man especially a successful one, who doesnt get his acts together and seems like he doesn't know what he wants (confused) isn't worth waiting for. 13 years????!!!! *Shakes my head* But then again, who am i to say 13 years is long, she had faith and it kept her through. I must commend her hope and patience. But then again......

  2. lol, na you know o! true love NEVER fails but then again... Whew!

  3. Annie should shutup pllssssss.if she had other options she wouldn't hve waited 4so long.for me dis isn't love,its just a simple case of CONSOLATION

  4. but the chic is fine na which one is consolation. maybe she really loves tuface and couldnt see herself being with another man. well just maybe sha

  5. Ofcourse true love never fails abegi, but then again, 13 years haba. As someone said, it's just a simple case of CONSOLATION o! Hmmn! Lols @ lack of options.

  6. Ok I truly don't want to be a judge of anyone's relationship cos really it's our decision to stick it out or walk. First of all, 13 years is only a number.. I agree with d chick, d hardest thing is waiting, it's easy when d person is worth waiting for. Which brings me to my next question? 6 children?!!!!!! I mean everyone so far has only talked bout d no of years, for me, d no of children dat are not hers is d depressing aspect of this. To make it worse, she has to play step mother to children that were made while during d 13 years ok dats d wow aspect for me. For me how long is not d issue Cos u can wait if u are waiting for d right reasons. U must ask yourself serious questions before getting into marriage oh. It's not beans oh. Good luck to her though. I hope all this was not to tell all d other women "he put d ring on after all n not on you" wat will be funny is d ring doesn't stop things from happening oh n it only makes u look even more stupid than u were before u got married... Ok I will stop now but seriously good luck to her, n hey, who am I to judge.., lol

    1. Yeaaa,so right! Rings don't stop men from sticking 'it' in anywhere they want!

  7. I don't think it is consolation the last time I checked she beat up some Dr who was her friend that was messing around with Tuface for this reason it is true love 13years is a long time but if u look at it from their own angle it's not so long cos they met each other in their teens the whole festac connect the reason tuface took annie over the rest is cos she was the first and d one with less drama Pero did all d big spending but which man truly wants a woman to spend on him and make him feel less of a man in reality none. All I'm saying in reality is one can never give a full judgement for anyone's relationship. However in my own view was Tuface worth the wait or was it the trill of winning because 6kids, 2 baby mama's who will forever be involved in their lives to even bring more drama well I wouldn't for even billion dollars. People say more money more problems in this case more fame less money more kids super drama.


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