Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In with the new....

I've got too many ideas whirling and twirling around my head that I'm thinking to expand.

While doing Cakes by MizVuitton, from day to day I have come across a wide range of subjects related to either directly or indirectly to cakes. See for instance- weddings, (now who doesn't like weddings) and these all bring some form of inspiration one way or the other for blogging.

Now we'll be dealing with a broader array of subjects. I'm re-branding Cakes by MizVuitton blog to be some sort of blog-a-zine, mainly but not limited to a wedding blog.

I'Il appreciate all your support.

Thanks for being there so far.

Plenty love....


1 comment:

  1. I like this, it's refreshing to know we wld get more delightful stories. Keep it up Miz V the sky aint your limit :)


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