Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wow! I've found my dream wedding dress

After searching high and low, far and wide I finally found my dress. This dress oh my! it was love at first sight  for me. The palpitations I had in my heart made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack, the heightened sound of my heartbeat throbbed in my ears, a swarm of butterflies were fighting a Somalian war in my stomach. I was drawn to this dress. I wanna have it, I gotta have it

Wedding Dress by Ersa Atelier
(made by hand, couture)

I could feel like a princess in this dress. I could pass it on to my great grandchild. We could make it our family's something borrowed. Every girl child in the lineage would get married in this dress- it could be worn over and over and even in 100 years will not go out of fashion. Oh! I have found THE dress.

But to have this dress I would have to sell off some of my stuff- it costs a whopping $9500. Yikes!

I'm undeterred... gotta have my dress. Watch this space.

Go to Ersa Atelier to see more of their dresses. They design the most beautiful dresses


  1. lol mizvuitton are you getting married soon? that 9500 dollars can start a business o! that is about 1.5 million naira. Jesus. i'll pass abeg

  2. Ersa Atelier is it. Really lovely dresses though i'm not ready to spend that much cash on a dress

  3. hmmmm! lovely dress but definitely not my thing. I prefer the mermaid look


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