Thursday, 7 February 2013

#ThrowbackThursday: IBB's daughter Aisha's wedding photos

Had to crack my head on today's throwback. Last week we had Kanu Nwankwo's wedding which made for an interesting post. Our throwback wedding this week is Aisha Babangida's wedding(s).

Aisha Babangida and Basheer Garba at their wedding in 2003

I remember how huge her wedding to Basheer Garba was back then in 2003. Ovation carried it, I vividly remember that particular edition of Ovation magazine it was very colourful and is one of the best Nigerian weddings I've seen till date, Bisi Olatilo also covered the story, it was all over the news. I remember watching Sunday Olize on News Line (who else remembers News Line? means you are an oldie) talking about this wedding. It was indeed the wedding of the century. I remember IBB's charming gap toothed smile as he gave out his daughter, I also remember seeing Maryam Babangida. Oh! how beautiful that woman looked. Oh! my photographic mind...

Unfortunately the marriage crashed and she has since remarried former Governor of Zamfara state, Mahmud Shinkafi as his 3rd wiife.

Both weddings are definitely throwback. See photos of her wedding to Shinkafi in April 11, 2008

She's so regal just like her late mum
Mahmud Shinkafi and Aisha
Part of the wedding festivities held at the Hilltop Mansion, Minna

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