Thursday, 7 February 2013

Annie Macaulay and Tuface Idibia wedding to hold in Dubai

The date has been confirmed. Annie and Tuface will wed on March 23, 2013 at a destination wedding in Dubai. For some reason I'm so happy, not like I was invited to the wedding o!

Annie confirmed the news via her facebook page

Annie had earlier this year gone to Dubai to look at venues. The details of the wedding are really quiet at the moment but we hear they plan to fly a few of their friends to Dubai to share their special day with them.

Can't wait to see wedding photos. She will make a very beautiful bride.


  1. totally agree. she will make a beautiful bride but the baby mamas nko? thought tuface said in an interview that they decided to do a quiet wedding because he didn't want to hurt the other baby mamas. well lets see how this plays out

  2. i love annie's spirit. she is making the best of the situation. I'm a man and i think tuface is truly blessed to have a woman like her that's down for him forever no matter what. That is true loyalty and that is what grown men look for. He has made his mistakes and i don't think he will be a fool to mess things up with her again.

    Great job you are doing mizvuitton

  3. Meanwhile today is throwback. patiently waiting for the throwback wedding pic you will put up. don't dull it

  4. Na wa for this two sha! I don tire for their story sef. I wish them a happy married life. God bless them.


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