Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

It's February 14th again. Sending a shout out to everyone getting married today, those that are gonna get engaged today, those celebrating love, and those that haven't stopped believing in love, it will find its way into your hearts somehow...

Here's 50 shades of love

Love is a beautiful gift..

Meanwhile I'm celebrating my valentine on February 16th with le boo (we decided to let today just roll by). We are gonna be serenaded by my other boo, the very soulful singer, Maxwell. It's gonna be a goosebumps fest hearing him live.. can't wait. He will be performing live in Lagos on Saturday.

Sending valentine day hugs, hershey kisses, chocolates and cupcakes your way..

How are you spending valentine's day? Please share

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. My boo has been incommunicado all day o!. sad story. Happy valentine's day to you mizvuitton

    1. lol incommunicado ba wo? Ha! no excuse at all o!. Please be incommunicado tomorrow ok

  2. What is Annie and tuface picture doing there? are they a poster couple for love again. happy valentine's day sha. woulda preferred for you to post a collage of wedding photos of real life couples. this your 50 shades of love be as e get

  3. Kris Humpries shouldn't be there!

  4. well.. this our love sef na die joor... me asper old school... got a pack of gifts for my boo and he took me out later and the evening , had chips and fish with Scottish brandy and at nite.... we made love as never before * so sweet *...... *singing softly*

    well woke up late today

    happy vals MisV... *hugs*

  5. hahaha! too much information ama. i've missed your comments. in rihanna's singing voice *where have you been?....


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