Friday, 31 August 2012

Photos from Teju babyface and Tobi Banjoko Traditional Wedding

The Traditional Engagement held yesterday, 30th August, 2012 at 10 degrees event center at Billingsway road, Oregun, Ikeja and had in attendance Teju's colleagues from the entertainment industry including RMD,  AY, Gbenga Adeyinka etc. King Sunny Ade and Sir Shina Peters were on hand to provide music churning out hit after hit from their music retinue. The couple looked beautiful in gold and midnight blue. See some photos

RMD & Gbenga Adeyinka

Comedians Gbenga Adeyinka, AY and wife, Mabel Makun
Ace Yoruba artiste, Sir Shina Peters (SSP)

Teju and his colleagues

Wedding proper to hold tomorrow Saturday the 1st September 2012. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Wedding and Honeymoon photos of  Nick Vujicic and wife Kanae Miyahara

Nick and wife at their honeymoon

Nick Vujicic is a man born without limbs in Brisbane, Australia. He hasn't let this limit him and at just 29 years old he is influencing and challenging the world. He is a best selling author and most sought after motivational speaker. He battled with depression, loneliness and self esteem issues and attributes his victory over this situation to his "faith in God"

Says Nick

" I found the purpose of my existence and also the purpose of my circumstance. There's a purpose for why you are in the fire "

On February 12th 2012 Nick got married to his love Kanae Miyahara at a ceremony that held in California.

Visit for more on Nick's story. Truly inspiring.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wedding trend: The Reception dress

Our alarm at Cakes by MizVuitton blog is definitely buzzing loudly with this wedding trend...

Reception dress by David's Bridal

After a tiring and solemn wedding ceremony you get to your reception party and all you want to do is ditch the bouquet and all the wedding paraphernalia and let your hair down and boogie with your family and friends, there is absolutely no way you can enjoy doing this in your long, heavy traditional wedding dress.

Traditional wedding dresses like ball gowns, are great for walking down the aisle and exchanging your vows in but are not such a good idea for a reception party.  I have seen many brides unable to truly enjoy a wedding party because half the time they are fussing over their wedding dress.

Kim K wore three different gowns at her wedding to
now ex husband Kris Humphries
All 3 dresses were designed by Vera Wang

Picture this scene- it is time for your first dance with your husband, that beautiful choreographed dance you have practiced in nothing but jeans and sneakers. Now you have to worry about twirling in that huge, heavy wedding dress to replicate that dance you have memorized.The best thing to do in this situation is to change into a reception dress. 

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton also rocked a reception dress- see right
both dresses are by Sarah Burton

Reception dresses are really a good look for a couple's first dance. They are comfortable, elegant and beautiful. They give a bride an opportunity to opt for a different, usually a more modern look at their wedding.

Reception dresses ensure that you enjoy your wedding party to the fullest. It has become a regular feature at weddings this year and is a trend to look out for.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Life in the single lane: Tochi

The dull ache in my groin is unmistakable as my mind wandered to the events of last night- the thought of sticky blue bunny ice cream running down my navel and light feathery kisses made me flush.

I smiled to myself remembering how intense last night was. I was still so sticky all over.Tochi is the best i ever had. The thrill about our relationship is that he belonged to another on paper but in my heart I knew he was all mine- body, soul and spirit. My friends have called me delusional but I know very well that love conquers all, and my love for tochi sure could conquer anything.

The truth is I can't imagine my life without my tochi. He is my life's love. Sadly, he is married to the most cantankerous wife ever. I know this because he told me. He often regaled me with stories of his troublesome wife who will not just let him know peace. When he had lost his job she had composed songs for him, mocking him and putting dents on his ego, making him feel emasculated. He had never forgiven her. But I had been his consolation, his getaway to all things beautiful, serene and peaceful, I was his sanity. I see how his face lights up whenever he sees me. He always tells me "you are my life's joy Adanna, without you boo my life would be a living hell". Tochi, wonderful loving Tochi was my soul mate.

I watched him as he rolled over in my bed, joy filling my heart. Only if somehow his wife could just disappear or even die then he could be all mine. I quickly dismissed the thought. I don't want to end up in hell and not even on her account.

"Baby you are up so early, what is on your mind?" he asked lazily his eyes heavy from sleep

"Nothing boo, I'm just watching you sleep"

He reached for me and kissed me lightly on my lips.

"My bad girl riri, you almost killed me last night see how wasted I am" he said yawning

I looked up at him shyly "I killed you or you killed me? please"  I said rolling my eyes and we both burst out laughing

"Care for breakfast darling?"

"Breakfast? I want you for breakfast" he said pulling me to himself until he was on top of me. I felt his erection assaulting my hips.  He is insatiable.

He tugged at my night wear, peeling it off and in seconds he was inside me, pleasuring me like crazy. Can this ever get old? my hips grinded against his as I felt a mixture of different things. This was sweet, he was sweet, life was sweet, my world was perfect as we made sweet sweet love.

More photos from Makashe Ibru and Kayode Awogboro's Paris wedding

The lavish ceremony held in Paris at Neo-Gothic Basilic Ste-Clotilde while the reception held at Pavillion d'Armenonville also in Paris

Their "first dance" as a couple

The gigantic wedding cake. An ice sculpture of a polo player and his bride sits on the cake

The beautiful bridesmaids

Scented candles with the couples' initials
was part of the wedding favours
The couple

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Photo-op: Love


Love knows no colour, race or creed... Too beautiful!

It's definitely wedding season.. iROKO tv boss Jason Njoku, Makashe Ibru weds

I've been away so long.. sorry guys! Missed me?

Well, its definitely wedding season

Jason Njoku of iROKO tv ties the knot with his Nollywood actress sweetheart and star of hit movie Blackberry babes, Mary Remmy last the weekend, 18th August 2012

Happy married life Jason and Mary Njoku

Makashe Ibru wed her sweetheart, Kayode Awogboro last weekend in far away Paris amidst family members and close friends

Happy married life Kayode and Makashe. May God  bless your union

Studio 53 host Eku Edewor and her twin sister were bridesmaids at the wedding

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Google is the official Social Media Partner of WED Expo 2013

Google has partnered with WED Expo 2013 as its Official Social Media Partner.

It's the biggest wedding event.  It's WED Expo 2013

In March 2012 WED magazine pulled all the stops to organise the biggest wedding exhibition in West Africa sub continent with over 120 exhibitors and over 10,000 people in attendance.

Booths are selling fast. If you are a wedding vendor and looking for the best avenue to showcase your goods and services, book your booth now and guess what there's a discount.. you get 30% off if you book right now and what's more? you only have to make 50% deposit to book your booths. What more are you waiting for?

Call 08132816492 or 07001111933 for inquiries.

Photo-op: Makashe Ibru's engagement photos

Makashe Ibru with mum

The lovely bride
The beautiful daughter of Oskar Ibru had her traditional marriage to Kayode Awogboro on August 4, 2012.

The wedding is slated for 17th and 18th of August 2012 (a la Stephanie Okereke's style) at Eglise Saint Clotilde in Paris and reception to follow at Pavillion d'Armemnonville, Alle de Longchamp also in Paris, France.

Heard Oskar Ibru plans to fly over 500 friends and family members to Paris for the wedding.

Huh! *rick ross grunt.. We gon' be rich forever..

Make-up: as always... by Banke Meshida for BM PRO. She always delivers.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Teju Babyface and Tobi Banjoko pre-wedding pictures

The pre-wedding shots for Teju babyface and Tobi Banjoko are finally out

Teju looks dapper as hell, he shoulda worn that suit at his wedding, lol

Photos courtesy Shola Animashaun photography

Wedding dresses with sleeves

Yay! the sleeves are winning!

Looks like sleeves are making a grand comeback this season. I've gotten tired of seeing all the strapless dresses and illusion necklines being worn by brides. Wedding dresses with sleeves are definitely the rage this season as bridal designers are finally taking the more tasking way out by designing dresses with sleeves (most designers will tell you that strapless dresses are easier to design).  

I have always wanted to wear a dress with sleeves at my wedding but I feared that I might look too vintagey so you can imagine my excitement at seeing some beautiful designer wedding dresses with sleeves on the runway.

Have a peep at some dresses. They are from the Spring 2013 Bridal collection

Carolina Herrera

Carolinne Herrera Spring 2013 collection


Monique Lhuillier

Monday, 6 August 2012

Actress Natalie Portman weds Benjamin Millepied

Natalie Portman married long time fiance Benjamin Millepied  on saturday at a private Jewish ceremony in Big Sur., Calif
 Benjamin was a choreographer of the movie Black Swan in which Portman starred. Remember her 2011 Oscar speech? that is the man she thanked when she received her award. She says of him in her speech "My beautiful love, Benjamin, who has now given me my most important role of my life"
 The two have a 14 month old son together
The exchanged their vows in front of 100 guests among whom were Ivanka Trump and Macaulay Caulkin

See their wedding photo

Life in the single lane: You played yourself

"Onyi, I really miss you my sweeti'm, my sugar honey sweetie pie".

"I miss you too obi'm so much". I said rolling my eyes

We had been on the phone for more than an hour and Stanley wouldn't end the call. My Nigerian boyfriend has been on call waiting for the past five minutes. "Stan boo let me answer mum and call you back"

"Nne didn't you tell mummy that it's your husband talking. Greet her for me i nugo and I hope she liked what I sent".

"Oh very much". "She says to tell you Chukwu gozie gi... God bless you. She cant wait to meet you". He had sent my mum 2000 pounds with a box of beautiful kaftans last week. I had pocketed the 2000 pounds and sold off the kaftans.

"Ha! biko tell her very soon o! ka'm bia imego gi"

Pay my dowry? Warra heck! Was he kidding? I cringe at his thick igbo accent. How have I been coping?

"Yes o! she's excited o!"  I whisper to my sister to scream my name in her best imitation of my mum's voice


"Hey Stan that's mum again, gotta run"

"Ok babygial m ga kpo chia gi, I'll call you later"

"Okay love", I replied and ended the call.

Seun, my naija boyfriend was on the phone. "I've been calling endlessly and your phone has been busy".

"Baby, I'm so sorry it's work stuff.. had to do a conference call with some of our foreign partners".

"K love.. Care to see a movie babycakes?"

"Yay! I so do. What movie are we seeing?

"You choose darling"

"Dark Knight rises"

"Already got us Dark Knight rises tickets".

"How do you know I would want to see dark knight rises?". He knows me so well

"Of course I know what you like hon!". "Now get pretty and i'll be by your house in another hour, love you.

"Love u too boo"

I set about dressing up. Stan calls again. What kind of pest was he? I refuse to pick

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wedding dress of the Day: Nicole "Naeto C" Chikwe's wedding dress

Nicole "Naeto C" Chikwe in a dress designed by Obsidian. This was her 2nd dress at her wedding to Naeto C on July 21 2012 and it fit the bride like a glove.


Photo Credit: Bella Naija