Friday, 24 August 2012

Life in the single lane: Tochi

The dull ache in my groin is unmistakable as my mind wandered to the events of last night- the thought of sticky blue bunny ice cream running down my navel and light feathery kisses made me flush.

I smiled to myself remembering how intense last night was. I was still so sticky all over.Tochi is the best i ever had. The thrill about our relationship is that he belonged to another on paper but in my heart I knew he was all mine- body, soul and spirit. My friends have called me delusional but I know very well that love conquers all, and my love for tochi sure could conquer anything.

The truth is I can't imagine my life without my tochi. He is my life's love. Sadly, he is married to the most cantankerous wife ever. I know this because he told me. He often regaled me with stories of his troublesome wife who will not just let him know peace. When he had lost his job she had composed songs for him, mocking him and putting dents on his ego, making him feel emasculated. He had never forgiven her. But I had been his consolation, his getaway to all things beautiful, serene and peaceful, I was his sanity. I see how his face lights up whenever he sees me. He always tells me "you are my life's joy Adanna, without you boo my life would be a living hell". Tochi, wonderful loving Tochi was my soul mate.

I watched him as he rolled over in my bed, joy filling my heart. Only if somehow his wife could just disappear or even die then he could be all mine. I quickly dismissed the thought. I don't want to end up in hell and not even on her account.

"Baby you are up so early, what is on your mind?" he asked lazily his eyes heavy from sleep

"Nothing boo, I'm just watching you sleep"

He reached for me and kissed me lightly on my lips.

"My bad girl riri, you almost killed me last night see how wasted I am" he said yawning

I looked up at him shyly "I killed you or you killed me? please"  I said rolling my eyes and we both burst out laughing

"Care for breakfast darling?"

"Breakfast? I want you for breakfast" he said pulling me to himself until he was on top of me. I felt his erection assaulting my hips.  He is insatiable.

He tugged at my night wear, peeling it off and in seconds he was inside me, pleasuring me like crazy. Can this ever get old? my hips grinded against his as I felt a mixture of different things. This was sweet, he was sweet, life was sweet, my world was perfect as we made sweet sweet love.

I could be here forever... the smell of his skin, that crisp lemon scent, I could drink it in forever.

"You know you are my bunny right?" he said as he got off me

"I know right Winnie de Pooh", I replied sarcastically

He laughed loudly "I thought you promised not to call me that ever again"

As today is not a working day I had the day all planned out- we would have breakfast in bed, then go for a swim,  then to the movies and then go and chill at the beach. I planned to enjoy it to the fullest. I told him about my plans

"Oh! sorry baby I have to be at "her" parents house today"

He always referred to his wife as "her" I've never quite understood why. I looked at him wide eyed

"It's just obligatory" he reassured me "You know I'll rather be here than anywhere else" he held me close and kissed me again.

"I don't understand. You should have told me this last night"

"I'm sorry baby, it kinda skipped my mind. I totally forgot about it"

"Ok" I replied sulkily. There goes my perfect tochi day.

This was one of those moments that I am reminded of our arrangement. I hated it. I need him to be by my side today, I need him by my side forever.

"Honey I will make it up to you. You know how she is I have to be there and you know it's not because i really want to be there".

My heart softened seeing the plea in  his eyes. We had been together for 3 years and I had no doubt in my heart that he loved me. He was thoughtful and caring. The last time I kept him from attending his wife's event he had come back with scratches on his chest. His wife had fought him. I couldn't imagine it- how gentle and harmless Tochi could end up with a tiger for a wife.

"Okay love" I agreed "but it must be on my terms o!"

"Sure thing girl"  he said and gave me his charming boyish grin

I sauntered into the kitchen to fix us breakfast

As we sat down to eat his phone vibrated on the coffee table. "Your phone is ringing love" I said bringing his attention to the device on the coffee table.

He answered it "Ok I’ll be by the house in a bit" I rolled my eyes. It was obviously "her"

"I said I will be by the house in a bit and I am very sorry I didn't come home last night" he sounded really subdued and I felt so sorry for him.

"Boo, it's her I’ve got to go" I hugged him as I tried to hide the tears threatening to pour down my face.

I followed him out of the house  and watched as he entered his car, he looked back at me and smiled "I’ll see you tomorrow OK? you know I want this more than anything" he added

"Yes I know hon. Call me when you get home"

As I walked back to the house I noticed a piece of paper lying idly on the floor. I picked it up. TOCHI OKOROMADU was scrawled on it. It must have dropped from his pocket when he was putting on his pants.

Immediately I dialed his number. He couldn't have driven that far yet. He could still make a u-turn. What if he needed this piece of paper? In usual tochi's fashion he didn’t pick then I remembered that his phone had been on vibrate. He probably couldn’t hear it ringing.

And then I saw what it was, the paper I was holding was a doctor's prescription. It looked serious. You know like an essay or something. What could be wrong with my tochi? Why has he not told me he is ill? I can't imagine how I would cope if anything happened to him.

I called my doctor friend Amaka, "babe how far? I need help with something. I have a prescription here and you know these your doctors jargon. I can't make out what is written here". 

"Okay come to my place so I can have a look at the prescription".

I drove hurriedly to Amaka's place and handed her the prescription. As she read it I noticed her mood changed.

"What is it Amaka? tell me, What is it? Please don't hide anything from me"

"Whose prescription is this babes?" she asked

"It's for a friend" 

"I'm sorry but the person with this prescription is HIV positive"

My world was collapsing around me

I drove like a mad woman to the hospital.
Half an hour  later I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, my palms were sweaty and I was all fidgety. The minute the doctor opened the door to call me in I knew what he was going to say. He launched into a speech 

“it's not the end of the world and you can still live the best life….”

I didn’t hear the rest of the words he was speaking

Me Adanna is HIV positive. Ooh! God why me?

Post dedicated to all those living with HIV/Aids. Stay faithful to your partner, Protect yourself. HIV /Aids is real

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  1. *Faints from overpumped adrenaline*

  2. HIV/Aids is real. Pleases single ladies leave our husbands for us abeg

  3. Eyah ! u dey love person husband na im u come carry HIV. Serves her right

  4. * Lord Have mercy*... But it is not the end of the world, Stay faithful to your partners abeg owa gurls

  5. I really do feel sorry for adanna and nobody should say its cos she was making him cheat. the guy is a cheater cos he wants to cheat. and the hiv could easily be contracted from even a fresh looking young single guy. she just happened to be unlucky

  6. Well i don't think a doctor is supposed to let you in on another person's prescription. I think they are duty bound not to disclose or something like amaka did

  7. Well anonymous above that doctor happens to be her friend.. so?

  8. Serves her right, really dislike those ladies who won't let a married man be. So what if he has problems in his marriage, y not try to help instead of stealing another woman's man...Nonsense, she reaped wat she sowed


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