Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wedding trend: The Reception dress

Our alarm at Cakes by MizVuitton blog is definitely buzzing loudly with this wedding trend...

Reception dress by David's Bridal

After a tiring and solemn wedding ceremony you get to your reception party and all you want to do is ditch the bouquet and all the wedding paraphernalia and let your hair down and boogie with your family and friends, there is absolutely no way you can enjoy doing this in your long, heavy traditional wedding dress.

Traditional wedding dresses like ball gowns, are great for walking down the aisle and exchanging your vows in but are not such a good idea for a reception party.  I have seen many brides unable to truly enjoy a wedding party because half the time they are fussing over their wedding dress.

Kim K wore three different gowns at her wedding to
now ex husband Kris Humphries
All 3 dresses were designed by Vera Wang

Picture this scene- it is time for your first dance with your husband, that beautiful choreographed dance you have practiced in nothing but jeans and sneakers. Now you have to worry about twirling in that huge, heavy wedding dress to replicate that dance you have memorized.The best thing to do in this situation is to change into a reception dress. 

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton also rocked a reception dress- see right
both dresses are by Sarah Burton

Reception dresses are really a good look for a couple's first dance. They are comfortable, elegant and beautiful. They give a bride an opportunity to opt for a different, usually a more modern look at their wedding.

Reception dresses ensure that you enjoy your wedding party to the fullest. It has become a regular feature at weddings this year and is a trend to look out for.


  1. I've always thought it was overkill to wear more than one dress at your wedding but the rationale behind the reception dress does make sense sha.

  2. Overkill? I doubt that o! its always been my wish to rock a more traditional look when i walk down the aisle and exchange my vows but look all hot and sassy at my reception. That dress by David's bridal is the TRUTH

  3. Reception dress?ehmmm.....neva tot of wearing one but its rily not a bad idea,totally agree with @mizV.Love KimK's satin dress..rilly sexyyyy!Future wedding planner#takenote.lol

  4. I am so rocking a reception dress, after a friend did it at her wedding, i loved the idea. I want to boogie on that day o! Hmmn! Kardashian with all the 'paparazzi' the marriage wasnt even worth the 3 wedding gowns. Smh!

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