Friday, 6 September 2013


From the #DNAroyalwedding. Hashtags help you keep track of shots that your photographer may have missed

So you are at the airport ready to board a plane to Mauritius for your honeymoon and your flight has been delayed, what then do you do to kill time? You pick up your iPhone and start viewing your wedding photos from the day before. There is no way your official wedding photos will have been ready but you can count on your guests to capture really beautiful memories from your wedding, some that even the official photographer may miss. This is why an official wedding hashtag is important to help you keep track of all the special moments- the tears shed, the emotions.. Wedding hashtags are a fun way to keep your wedding memories in one place and to keep your guests involved.

Coming up with a hashtag that will catch on is very easy, the key is to keep it simple. You can use your initials, your wedding date and the year or you can use a wedding theme or a popular nickname- the ideas are inexhaustible, just make sure that your hashtag is unique to you and can be easily identified and remembered.

Some popular wedding hashtags I'll like y'all to check out is #KO2012 which follows the wedding journey of wedding blogger Kunbi of AislePerfect (a quick Instagram and twitter search will show you a timeline of amazing pre, during and post wedding photos). Also the amazing Loren Ridinger and Duane McLaughlin. Check out all their wedding 'amazingness' by typing #DNAroyalwedding in the search box on social networks like instagram and twitter. A google search of any wedding hashtag will reveal beautiful wedding photos.

For fun ways to spread word about your official wedding hashtags, keep reading. I found some inspiration for you guys (you know how much love I've got for y'all, right?)


Welcome letter from #ko2012

Also from ko2012
Aren't these sunglasses cute? You can personalize your wedding favors with your official wedding hashtag

Love this idea

Official hashtag right in your cocktail drinks.. A-may-zing!

Strategically place your hashtag on the program , place cards and all wedding stationery


So have you coined your own official wedding #? Mine will go something like this, #AMizVblingedoutwedding (A MizV blinged out wedding. 'A' for Mr. Ace and 'MizV' for MizVuitton :-)) Kinda complex, right? Well, it's subject to change. Let's hear what you've come up with.


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  1. May your well of inspiration never run dry my darling. Never heard ofthis before but I'm so doing it. #AMizVblingedoutwedding is not bad. I like it :-)

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