Thursday, 12 September 2013

Teri and Michael - A Romantic Proposal Pt. 1

I've fallen in love with this couple over again, their effortless style and the pure love they have for each other just shines through their photos. To better appreciate the beauty of their story I've decided to divide the Teri & Michael story into two posts. One for the proposal and the second post will feature their very stylish and romantic e-session. Hold your breath guys I'm about to present you with the most well thought out proposal you've ever heard of.

The Proposal

I might have to write that one later but he was SENSATIONAL! I must have said this story a million and one times but he ushered me into my completely refurbished apartment (which I had left in a STATE). There was mellow beautiful music playing in the background and TONS of candles all over the place shaped according to my initial 'T' There were also hundreds of petals and love hearts all over the place. My bed was all made up with silk sheets and rose petals shaped in a heart with a rose in the middle.

I had NO idea how he got into my apartment. I didn't even guess what he was up to because he made sure he annoyed me properly by standing me up the week before at the cinema and turning up real late for my birthday dinner on this day.

In fact, he had offered to drop me off home after the meal and I refused saying I would go with Rotimi, a close friend of ours. He insisted and that how I got ushered into a renovated apartment! Hah! I had no clue what he was up to. I just thought he was trying to make up for the aforementioned oversights!

In the corner of the room was a table set for two with champagne bottles and red wine poured into two glasses. Of course, candles were present over there. Opposite the table on the bedside cabinet was a massive painting of me. Oil painting as well! I was just STUPEFIED. I'm an artist, I've seen paintings, I've done them. But to see one of me? I was WEAK. LOL.

I was still trying to get used to all this and he started nattering on about sorry it's taken him so long to do this. I was thinking 'yeah, sure thing it has!' I just thought he was trying to make up for ignoring me for a while. Hah! Then he said 'it's taken me 5 years, 7 months and 7 hours to get here' or whatever countdown he was giving. I was thinking 'what's this guy ON ABOUT?'

He got down on one knee. I was thinking, 'see melodrama, o!' LOL. NO CLUE. I kid you not. He opened his mouth and said 'will you,' and until he said 'marry me' nothing clicked. Once he said it I screamed. LOL! I could not believe what in the world I was hearing. Mikey Adebayo proposing??? WONDERS! Hah!

Well, I cried. Must be said. Had to. Slumped the floor in a heap, looked at the leg of the table and cried more. LOL! Too funny. What was in the leg? It was a table I'd been trying hard to get for ages so I could do my writing in peace. No table in that room of mine. It was tough having to sit in bed and use my laptop. But now, Mikey had gone all the way to Wednesbury to go dig this table out.

As if that wasn't enough, he presented me with a book and in that book were photographs of some of our fabulous moments including the one from the first day I ever hung out with him to the recent moment. I just sat there weeping like some baby Teri. How cheesy, huh? Yeah, I know. I hate cheesy, but when you're in that situation, you don't think of all that.

Well, I opened the middle of the book and in there was an actual CD 'Scent of a Woman' It was the first one we ever watched together and it was special because even though he visited me in my room at university and we were all alone, the guy did not lay a finger on me. Very respectful gentleman he was. He did not try to kiss me or do anything crazy. I was thinking, 'are these boys normal?' (his brother is the same way). In there he wrote, 'I respected you because I saw you as the woman of my dreams' Yep, I cried some more.

Ok, enough with the tears. But the book was covered in poetry; what he likes about me, how he loves my family (and he wrote about each one individually, including my late father). Yeah, I don't need to repeat what happened there. At the back of the book he had left a section 'for the future' and in that space we were to prepare the wedding and so on.

Shortly after, some of the friends we had left at the birthday dinner place filed in! There are no sensible photos of that day. I was a quivering mess. HAH!


To share in their love and to be further blown away by their amazingness, visit their official wedding website

Watch out for Teri & Michael Pt. 2



  1. This is so thoughtful. God bless this couple. Hope you will be sharing their wedding photos too. Theirs make my own engagement look shabby lol. Bobo just popped the question on our way from work.thankful still sha

    1. @daisy be thankful you got that ring on your finger though. We are going to 8years now and no ring in sight. What do you now want me to say. This is my kind of proposal. Well planned and well thought out. @teri can we exchange boos? Hehe! Kidding!

  2. Amayzing! Love that first shot. The matching socks and the dress. It's nice and I love it ;-)

  3. This is a joke.....marriage means more than all the photo section...

    1. You see why you will forever remain anonymous. Smh!


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