Thursday, 19 September 2013

Teri and Michael - The Engagement Session by Adebayo Deru Photography

Did you enjoy Teri and Michael - a Romantic Proposal Story Part 1? We are about to introduce TerI and Michael 2.0 which is their uber stylish engagement session with Adebayo Deru Photography. Sit back, relax and sip some coke as you enjoy this fabulous e-session

Teri gives us all the details of the shoot so keep reading



Design of the website,, was done by Michael and I. We sat together for hours working out resolution, arrangement, content, interface etc. Very hard work, but we made it and topped it up by adding a home recording of one of my original songs!

Styling of our outfits for the photoshoot was done by us, certainly! We had a very solid idea of what we wanted the whole thing to look like. In fact, Mikey directed most of the photoshoot! The photographer, Adebayo Deru, LOVED it! I did my own make up (which I was nervous about, but it turned out just fine).

Location of the shoot for most of the photographs on our website was at the famous and stunning London Corinthia Hotel. We spent a night there and were treated to a glorious 1 hour session at the Spa where Vanessa Hudgens had visited in the morning prior to our arrival.


We were also offered a very special cake for upgrading to the special suite where the main photo was taken (the one on the front page of the website) and we had an exquisite breakfast there too.


Of course, other photos were taken at tourist attractions such as Big Ben, 1 Marylebone Road (where an episode of The Apprentice took place). The photos with our friend's horses, Tilly and Troy, were taken in the North East of England, which is home for me and where our wedding will be taking place.


Inspiration for the shoot came from mainly both of us, but I have to give it all to Mikey, really. He's very precise and knows what he wants. But we are avid readers of The Rake, GQ, Vogue etc ;-) The cover photo on our website was inspired by a photo of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade (check her instagram!) in which she wore a yellow dress.


Michael and Teri have to be the most stylish couple I've ever met. I do not kid! Visit their wedding website for more.



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