Thursday, 18 April 2013

We love... Tadashi Shoji

Octavia loves her some Tadashi Shoji

So I was checking the internet for comfortable and stylish reception dresses and crept upon the designer, Tadashi Shoji. I knew I had heard about this particular designer and then it clicked, it was from the 2012 Oscars, Octavia Spencer had worn a beautiful Tadashi Shoji dress when she received her Best Supporting Actress award for the movie, The Help. The dress just fell and draped over her curves effortlessly and beautifully. Tadashi Shoji designs are indeed forgivable to the curvy woman. I was totally sold!

The good thing about Tadashi is that he seems to love a woman with curves on her. He uses more of draping that will hide a stomach bulge and disguise the hips, while creating a beautiful feminine silhouette

Go on a swoon-fest with some of their reception styled dresses-

Like I said, it is for the curvy woman so in my opinion these models aren't doing the dresses any justice.. big grin!

Another thing I loved about his dresses is that they are quite affordable. A Tadashi Shoji dress can cost as low as $198, the naira equivalent should be about N32,000. Ain't that a bargain?


  1. This is Exactly what kills me with plus size designers, they hardly ever use curvy models...what's the point? I would like to see how this would look on a plus size woman. Being a plus size woman myself, using a "curvy woman" in advertising helps me make a "buy or not-buy" decision cos I can in effect see how the clothes can fit my frame. .I know a few of them do use plus size women though like Torrid, Igigi and Ashley name a few.
    Great article though.

  2. Totally agree. See how Octavia's curves filled out the dress


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