Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to do "boudoir" tastefully

I just saw a video by Waje for the song "I Wish" (now that girl has pipes for daysss), there was a boudoir-like shot of her, she seemed nude but then she wasn't.  She had a head wrap with tribal beads on and nothing else. It was pretty, sensual with a covert sexuality. The shot was indeed tastefully done.

Screen shot from Waje's "I Wish"
Now some boudoir shots are just borderline sleazy. The purpose of a boudoir shoot is to bring out a woman's sensuality and femininity.  It is more sensual and sexy than raunchy and tacky- so if your shoot comes across as offensive, then you have crossed the line.

I for one view boudoir as art- the kind that celebrates the female form. A boudoir shoot can be done as a gift to your husband on your wedding night or on your anniversary to show him you've still got what made him fall for you in the first place. So how do you do a tasteful boudoir shoot?

A boudoir shot should focus on the details- You can incorporate some of his favourite things into the shoot like his favourite tie. You could slyly cover yourself with his duvet or wrap his favourite team's t shirt loosely around your body.

You don't need to bare everything
This is a sexy shot without being too over the top

Invest in sexy lingerie- This is definitely a confidence booster

Flash a little of your derriere, just a teeny weeny bit- No need to wear booty cutters and twerk like a stripper. The key is too ooze sensuality.
I can see a little of her derriere but its really tasteful

It's all about the lighting. A good lighting may be all you need if you are not feeling too confident.

Take an 'eyelash' picture. You can never go wrong with an eyelash shot. It is both sexy and soft and is guaranteed to be a hit with your boo

Go professional on make up and hair. This will help you feel confident. Also less is definitely more, do not be tempted to overdo it.


  1. Lovely post on the boudoir shoot!

  2. Well Waje is too heavy to be doing some nude shots in the 1st place. It wasn't sexy at all. Really love the tips on a boudoir shoot and wouldnt mind but my husband happens to be this prude, like he will just finish me with words

  3. i'm only bold enough to do the 'eyelash' picture. Years of childbirth wear and tear have taken its toll on my body. so.. No, thank you. Beautiful shots btw


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