Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

Planning a fun bridal shower can be very tricky. The cheesy games get really tiring and if like me you find it really difficult to follow the rules of bridal shower games or to even understand them then you may not like the idea of a bridal shower. Don't knock a bridal shower though, many brides that skipped having a bridal shower actually have feelings of regret. It is also a great way of making sure your friends and bridesmaids get to know each other so that there will be no awkwardness at the wedding.

Pick a quirky IV or e-vite

I mentioned the evite because it is almost impossible in this technological age to hand deliver invites for a bridal shower. An evite can be sent by mail or through any of the social networking sites like instagram twitter and facebook. Sites like offer free customisable evites. There is an array of beautiful designs which cost you nothing

An evite is sent to guests by mail 

This is a twilight inspired bridal shower invitation

Create fun games

Is the bride an outdoorsy person or a movie buff, create games centered on her hobbies and interests. If she is a shopaholic and a fashion addict, you can print out pictures of the latest trends as worn by celebrities and ask the guests to name what trend it is when a picture is put up. MizVuitton's tip: Use key words like ombre, pastels, jeffrey campbells, etc. Make sure there are gifts such as sweets and chocolate for winners

Pick a theme

Most bridal shower themes are colour inspired. What's the bride's favourite colour?  have all the guests wear something in that colour and decorate the venue in that colour. A bridal shower theme can also be location inspired. Does the bride like the wild outdoors?  why not organise a beach picnic, Does she like to lounge by a pool or go swimming? let the bridal shower hold at a pool (it is a good time for the bride and bridesmaids to show off their bikini bodies if they have been keeping fit). If the bride is one to never miss cocktail hour then arrange a bridal shower-cum-cocktail party. Cocktails by Enliven provides specialised cocktail services for Bridal showers

Planning a cocktail party and bridal shower? Cocktails by Enliven will hook you up

A pretty pink themed bridal shower

Have the groom make a surprise appearance

Instead of having a stripper (it's really so cliche but hey that's my opinion), have the groom make an appearance. This will excite the bride and will be completely unexpected. The groom could serenade her or bring a dozen roses, whatever works. MizVuitton's tip: Cue in the bride's favourite song and let the groom walk in while the song is playing. As soon as he walks in put the song on pause and let the groom's voice alone be heard singing his heart out.

Get creative

The ideas for a bridal shower are endless. The key is for the bride and guests to have fun- seek opinions, work with the bride's sister(s) and friends. Get creative with the decor, the choice of food, drinks and games.


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