Monday, 1 July 2013

How to create a "Twilight" theme

It's almost impossible to get over the union between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the Twilight: the Breaking Dawn movie. With many twihards falling over themselves to copy Bella and Edward, the twilight theme has become one of the most popular wedding themes at the moment

Here is how to get the twilight theme to a 'T'

The Dress: Bella looked beautiful in a wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera. The dress is made of satin and French Chantilly lace and has up to 150 buttons. You can get a replica of the dress by Alfredo Angelo for just $800
Bella Swan replica dress by Alfredo Angelo

Use a vintage hair comb like Bella Swan and wear your hair in delicate swept up style with a french braid

hair combs available at Etsy

Have your bridesmaids wear different shades of purple

Make simple vintage styled invitations and put your family seal on the envelope. Don't have a family seal? The tradition can begin with you

Setting and decor should be picturesque with loads of wild flowers and candelabras. The wedding venue should be outdoors, a garden preferably. A good wedding designer can make an indoor venue look like this too

Wear the same shoes as Bella. The Monolo Blahnik shoes retail at $1295

Some real life 'Twihards' have gone as far as changing their family name to Cullen.  Extreme, right? If in doubt, check out this post about a real life couple that changed their family name to Cullen.

And ooooh! that kiss lasted forever. Check out the video of the wedding scene. Absolutely romantic



  1. i watch that video every other day. i'm such a fan of that scene. its too romantic. Twihard for life!

  2. Not ashamed to say it; Twihard forever! I remember been dragged to watch New Moon at the cinema and ended up bawling in a screen full of tweens screaming "why didn't she pick Jacob?" - hooked on the Saga since then, read the books and all *covers face* Bella's dress is just divine, but us busty babes can't get away with that :-(

  3. oooh! @Young Grumbler, we seem to be so alike in many many ways and I feel you on that dress.. busty and curvy girls can't pull it off sadly enough. lol @ you screaming 'why didn't she pick jacob' that would have been crazy


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