Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Galia Lahav 2013 - 2014 wedding dress collection

Isreali Bridal designer, Galia Lahav just took me to couture heaven and back *swoons

Says his team about the collection

This season Galia Lahav’s bride explores the French Riviera, sails her yacht and rides her Harley Davidson from the heels of Monte Carlo, to the hot white graveled beaches in Cannes. From the film festival, the Casino and the royal palace in Monaco this is where royalties, actors, super-models, and celebrities meet and this collection is inspired by two princesses, on and off screen Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly.

Body-hugging silhouettes, softly embracing each curve, imperial ball gowns, and statuesque red carpet glamour dresses, all in a modern look, but with a wink at the sizzling 60s. Classic silk satins, chiffons, and French laces, Tulle and dotted net, mixed with hand embroidered details, using crystal and pearl embellishments, and antique cross-stitched ‘Gobelins’ medallions and floral motifs.

We couldn't agree more.

Join me in swooning as you check out some of the pieces

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  1. There has to be something in the water in Isreal...Isreali designers stay killing the bridal fashion game!


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