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Wedding Dress Cover-ups

I love watching bridal shows like 'Brides of Beverly Hills' and 'Say Yes to the Dress' both on TLC Network (Channel 172 DSTV, if you live in Nigeria). It's just amazing how many beautiful dresses are available in so many different styles and very high price tags, I must add.

 I was watching a particular episode of Brides of Beverly Hills, when a bride-to-be tried on the most beautiful dress I've seen yet. It had swarovski crystals, intricate beading, a ruched waist and a very full skirt. It was the kind of dress I had envisioned walking down the aisle in but the problem was, as with many other dresses I've fallen in love with, my dream dress happened to be strapless.

This didn't faze me because this particular dress had me converted. I resolved to put in hours in the gym to tone my arms and starve myself till I get to the right weight to pull off the dress then my sister mentioned to me "but you know you can't wear a strapless wedding dress in church" Dang! It felt like a bucket of ice cold water had been poured on me.

Many brides are in the same dilemma. If you are having a church wedding in this clime, it is very unlikely that your church will agree to wed you in a strapless wedding gown. Most marriage institutions in Nigeria require a measure of modesty when you are getting married. This is why you need a cover-up

Cover-ups need not be frumpy. A good cover-up should switch a dress from simple to elegant, from regular to glam, from beautiful to classic and from nollywood to hollywood (lol just kidding)

I've listed the different cover-ups below. Find the one that is really 'you'

Sleeves- These are the most popular cover-ups. They can either be detachable or sewn in. Sleeves are comfortable and fuss-free. Good sleeves should come in sheer fabric so that it wont drown the dress.

Long sleeved dress from Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013 collection

Our "Cakes by MizVuitton" Bride, Tolu Runsewe wore detachable sleeves at her wedding
In case you missed it click  HERE

Bridal Wrap- As the name implies, it is a cover-up that brides wrap around their shoulders. It comes in different fabrics ranging from velvet to feathers, chiffon and wool. It creates a timeless silhouette when done right, think hollywood actress Jean Harlow- the platinum bombshell circa the 1930s

Anne Hathaway wore a bridal wrap at her wedding to Adam Shulman last year .
She completed the  look with  a 1920s inspired headband
Very chic!
Bride in a wrap made of marabou feathers

Bridal Shawl- This is a rectangular piece of cloth worn loosely around the shoulders. The most popular shawl is the pashmina mainly because it is light and drapes nicely around the body. Some shawls come embellished with beads, embroidery, jewelry or lace.

I love the pop of colour on this weddingbee bride

Capes- Ideal for the edgy bride that wants to push the envelope, the cape is an elegant piece of outer garment that acts as a good cover-up. It protects the bride from elements such as cold or dust. It is a fashion statement
Gwyneth Paltrow's dress to the 2012 Oscars was a hit.
Teju Babyface' wife, Tobi wore a cape as a cover-up at her wedding
Dress was designed by Mai Atafo

Bolero Jacket- A bolero jacket is typically a cropped and tailored bridal jacket. The most popular fabrics used for a bolero are satin and lace.

Nollywood Actress, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez  looked every inch the bride at her wedding
She managed to pull off the bolero style.. Loves it!

Kate Middleton wore a fur bolero jacket at her wedding reception

Wedding Stole- This cover-up is somewhere between the shawl and the wrap. Some people call it the wedding wrap stole or wedding shawl stole. For me, I think its a longer and narrower shawl wrapped around the shoulders and is usually made of expensive fabrics like velvet and marabou feathers

Shrug- A bridal shrug is a cropped garment that covers the upper back and the upper arms. A shrug is a great cover-up because it provides good coverage while still showing off the dress. With a shrug, every part of the dress is in plain view. It is usually knitted and cardigan-like.

Shrug available on Etsy for $80

The good thing about cover-ups is that you can ditch them after exchanging your vows.

So over to you folks... which is your favourite wedding cover-up. Do share.



  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection.
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  3. lol @ from nollywood to hollywood. You wicked o! i'm not a fan of cover-ups though. they take away from the dress

  4. thanks for the post it is lovely .... i miss U so much hugs... sobs....

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I'm not married but I'd want a strapless wedding dress and I'd want my bridesmaids to wear strapless dresses as well.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome piece of work.


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