Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Photo-op: Lesbian Couple Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding photos

The couple both wore Zac Posen for their 2008 wedding

For the couple's first dance, they swayed to 'Today' by Joshua Radin
Joshua Radin sang live with Priscilla Ahn

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi tied the knot at a very intimate ceremony at their Beverly Hills mansion in LA on August 18, 2008. The wedding had so many intimate moments. Ellen and Portia have become the poster couple for gay lovers.


  1. So MizV you are now prompting gay marriage now abi? hmmmmm

  2. @ Iphie... She is a Wedding Blogger.... so it is just a write up.... not promoting
    It is well

  3. I cant believe you put this up...are you seriously encouraging gay ,marriage..my dear if you really want to be a wedding blogger, go back to the originator of marriage and discover how it is truly meant to be and with whom! Am out of here!

  4. We live in a world where things are changing...being a blogger does not mean we should shut out frm what is happening in our environment.I believe this blog isn't promoting gay marriage..I tink its jst a way of knowing what is happen around us and also getting one or two clues from the marriage.like now I love d dress portia is wearing.let's not b hypocritical about this..if you dnt see it on a blog u'l def see it on papers,tv n read about it.cos she owns a blog doesn't mean she shuld streamline everything based on her own perspective der are a million n one readers dat may be longing to see what the wedding was about.quit being myopic

  5. To the myopic idiots1 February 2013 at 14:42

    Thank you mademoiselle. you made some valid points. i don't get how someone will say a blogger is promoting gay marriage because of a wedding post. i believe this blog is about weddings right? Are you saying she shouldn't feature a Muslim marriage because she's christian or because she is now born again she shouldn't feature traditional marriages. Stop boxing yourself into a corner. there are diverse beliefs, people and ideas in this world.

  6. Na wa o! People and closed minds sha! Even if this story isn't in the blog, it would be all over the internet. Ha!

  7. Tanks akinsuyi..it will be in d internet n des same pple will read about it o or even buy magazines that features the wedding.let's quit being judgemental
    Truth b told even if we should be open to des things else we'l just b living in denial n @d end of d day shoot ourslvs in d foot.if u want 2live christ like d best way is 2even b friends with such pple ,pray 4dem n get 2preach christ to dem and not condemn. Thereby creating more rank in heaven rememba wat d bible says abt how d angles rejoice in heaven 4jst One soul..dnt sit der acting like dey dnt exist n condemn dem,plssss how do u want 2preach 2des kind of pple wen ur hart is enclosed wit so mch hate or u jst ignore dem like dey dnt exist.d truth is on d last day u will b blamed.it culd b dis little act dat wnt mke u enter heaven sef..pls pls d king of d world is roamin arnd lookin 4who 2devour.most of des pple need love ,dey myt jst b doin dis cos of complex or sumtin so we need 2bring dem bk 2christ n not chastise Jesus will not come down n do it for us..that's Y we r here'born agains' but we hve missed d point.we are now living d holier dan thou attitude.imagine if Jesus did same 2 u???? Think think tink


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