Thursday, 20 September 2012

Life in the single lane: My Best Friend Forever

Remember Archie, Betty and Veronica... LMAO!
If you don't  then you missed out on a lot while growing up

Claire was at the door as I flung it open. We had arranged to go to Balogun market to see Claire’s customer. She had been raving about the bargain she stumbled upon at balogun and we had fixed a shopping date for today which I had completely forgotten.

"Babes are you ready?" she asked. I had fixed lunch with Ade, a guy I met at a book reading yesterday and we had struck an interesting conversation. I had enjoyed talking to him so much that I didn't know when I agreed to a lunch date. I had been flattered by his attention towards me. It was definitely a first seeing a guy lean into me and looking deep into my eyes like I was the only thing that mattered  in the world.Claire was the one who got the most attention from guys with her caramel skin, brown eyes and lovely curves.

"Goddamit! I forgot", Claire looked at me, "Forgot? You cant be serious, meanwhile why are you all dressed like that? she asked

"I have a date with some guy I met yesterday" Claire burst out laughing. 

"You? Date? Guy?" she asked her eyes mocking me

"Yeah" I smiled shyly, "he’ll be here any minute from now". I was obviously giddy with excitement

Claire eyed me surreptitiously, "and is this what you plan to wear for your date?" I was wearing the long satin bridesmaids dress I had worn at my sister's wedding. 

"What's wrong with what I’m wearing?"

"Everything, Yetunde... everything. 1 it's not dinner, 2 you are too young to be wearing that, 3 you look drab, 4 its damn plain. Please put on a cute tee and tight jeans it's just lunch for Christ’s sake and don’t go looking holier than Sister Maria".

I looked down at my dress. This was the best thing I could pick out and I thought it was cute. But Claire obviously knows better. She was so beautiful, fly and had no problem getting male admirers. I watched as Claire scurried to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of jeans. 

"No, no, no Claire not that jeans it's too tight and rides a little low". My sister had gotten me the jeans  last year and it had just been lying in my wardrobe.

 "So what if it's tight and rides low? that's the idea babes.. effortlessly chic and sexy. Now put these on. Will you?" She flung the jeans at me with a top and reluctantly I put it on. "Better" She said rolling her eyes

Ade was already waiting outside in his gorgeous red sports car. He stepped out of the car and hugged me.  "Yetty you look really lovely today",  "Thank you", I replied, flushing under his gaze.

"Meet my best friend Claire we've known each other since we were 9". He paused and looked over at Claire. It was clear he was taken by her beauty and I felt a tinge of jealousy.  Why did Claire have to be this beautiful. She always has this effect on men.

"Nice to meet you Ade, Please take care of her okay. Claire said smiling.

"Sure I will, Where are you headed? We could drop you off.

"We had plans to go shopping but of course you came and spoilt our plans". She said laughing.

"Oh no! I hate to be the spoiler... we can make it a 3 part date, 1st we go shopping, then have lunch, then go see movies. Deal?" They chatted on like I wasn't  there.

"That sounds like fun" What do you think Yettie?" she sounded so excited. I mumbled ‘cool’ trying to sound as excited as she was as I clambered into the car. 

Ade took us to the market, not once did he complain, then we had lunch and went to the movies. It seemed like him and Claire had a lot in common as they chatted about every single topic under the sun from movies to soccer to exotic holiday destinations. My jealousy turned to awe. How could she be this well rounded and knowledgeable? We went to the same schools, lived in the same neighbourhood... really how? Where did she learn so much.

Ade turned to me in the middle of their conversation "You've been so quiet is anything wrong? I had not uttered a word for close to 1 hour and he was just noticing.

"That's how Yettie is, she's a lil shy and doesn’t talk much". Claire interrupted loudly. Could she at least allow me talk. I smiled sweetly at him. "I’m fine Ade just listening to you guys banter"

On our way home, him and Claire wouldn't stop talking, they argued about the radio presenter's use of English, about who was to blame for Whitney Houston's death, about who is hotter between Rihanna and Beyonce. He dropped Claire off first, before dropping me. A part of me was dying for a kiss, needing some validation. I got none.

Morning came and Claire was at my house. "You didn't even bother to check on me last night" she said playfully accusing me. 

"Claire check on you 'ke'? we dropped you at home remember?

"kk!, you don't even know what happened babes. Imagine I forgot my phone in Ade's car last night it wasn't even funny at all".

"Really? Lemme call him to bring your phone".

"Don't worry, already called him last night and he is so sweet.. you won't believe he drove back to my house to give me back my phone". She said scratching her ear distractedly.

Shocked, I asked, "You called him? How did you get his number?"

"He gave me his business card while we were at the cinema". 

I tried to think.. where and when had they exchanged numbers? maybe I was being unnecessarily agitated. It probably meant nothing. I noticed he had handed out his business cards to a few persons at the book reading. I just needed to chill.

By evening that day I had not heard from Ade so I decided to call him. "Sorry Yettie been so busy, let me call you back". And that pretty much became the reply for a few days until he stopped picking my call altogether.

One evening I decided to go play with Claire as I was bored out of my mind. She had been so distant and I suspected she had a new man in her life that was taking all of her time. Very unlike Claire, she hadn't barged into my house unannounced in a while. I had called her yesterday to grill her and to pour out my heart about Ade. "Claire he seemed like a good guy what could have happened?" I told her almost crying. "Yettie I really don't know you will find the one that is meant for you okay?. Don't worry dearie". She had said trying to console me.

So this one we haven't been seeing you what's up? Who is the new catch? who has been taking up your time ehn!? 

She laughed loudly, "No be only new catch, I've just been all types of busy Yetty, you have no idea" and we ended the call.

On getting to Claire's, I saw a red spots car just like Ade's parked outside. I walked in to see my very best friend in a very romantic lip lock, tongues, groping, squeezing and all with Ade, a guy she knew I liked.

I watched as Claire and Ade kissed refusing to believe my eyes.

CLAIRE! startled they both turned to look at me, Claire began fidgeting and staring down at her fingers attempting to avoid my gaze.

It seemed like eternity until Ade finally found his voice... "Yetty there is something we need to tell you.."

Life in the single lane is a series that celebrates the joys and struggle of being single. To see more stories in this series click HERE


  1. Yay! LISL is back

  2. Archie and Veronica. Memories, lol

    Claire did Yetty wrong please. Is it worth losing your best friend over a guy? That guy could leave her too

  3. The Claire sef is an idiot, ur friend who hadly gets to meet men is going on a date and you decided to join them. I trust myself, i would have told her three is a crowd instantly. Anyways she doesnt need a guy like Ade joor..... Poor Betty, i mean Yetty lols.

  4. lol maybe it was for the best besides the claire babe was sharper

  5. Awwww! Poor Yetty. We all have friends like that, that just always seem to show up whenever you are about to get something good. My advice: keep your distance. don't stop being friends but keep a reasonable distance esp with your relationship

  6. Life is unfair, really unfair... that was a cruel thing to do to your childhood friend Claire , She liked Ade first..

    well Yetty is too good for Ade, my dear just let God judge them both... esp Claire the Cheap slut..... Nonsense...


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